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Ferrara city Walls

Ferrara city Walls

From the Este Castle and along Corso Ercole I d’Este, the route attains the northern Walls of the city: 9 km of curtain walls embrace the historic centre of Ferrara and can only be followed by bicycle or on foot, either on the embankment or below in the moat. Bastions, towers, battlements, gates and passages unfold one after another, evidence of the diverse defensive techniques elaborated over the course of centuries. As well as this, immersed as they are in the green of trees and elds, the Walls are today an enormous garden for the city, a place for rest and meetings. For a further pleasant green digression, we recommend the walk towards Via delle Erbe, an immersion in a particular urban countryside, nestled in the heart and the historical centre of the beautiful city.

Travel time and technical features

Short city tour suitable for the whole family that does not present any difficulty. The route is mainly for the exclusive use of cyclists and pedestrians and is safe even for children. Several sections are not paved, but they are in any case generally compact. It is advisable to pay attention to road crossings and to use the appropriate marked passages.

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