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Articles from the Old days - Antiques and Craft Market

Street market for antiques and objects to collect.

Artistic Crafts Street Market

The exhibition spaces are designed to harmonize with the preciousness of art and architecture of the city center.

Automotostoriche in Centrostorico 2018

Historical cars and motorcycles expo in the city centre.

Concert Season 2018/2019

Closing a perfect circle, Ferrara Musica turns 30 years old, celebrating them with the three ensembles founded by the great conductor whom our Municipal Theatre is entitled to, ensembles which accompanies the story of the Theatre from 1989 until today: the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra and the European Union Youth Orchestra’, which from this year has residency in the city of Ferrara

Courbet and Nature

Gustave Courbet returns to Italy 50 years after the last show dedicated to him. Palazzo dei Diamanti pays tribute to him with an important retrospective that follows the career of the great French master, exploring in depth his ample production of landscape paintings and his unique relationship with nature

Estate Bambini 2018

Many activities, games, exhibitions and shows for children.


Flavours, tastes and colours from all over Europe

Ferrara Balloons Festival 2018

Free balloon flights, competitions, and a spectacular night flight with lighted balloons

Ferrara Buskers Festival 2018

The most important international event based on music and street art in Italy.

Ferraramarathon e Half Marathon 2018

Sunday, September 30th, 2018 in Ferrara takes place a new edition of the Marathon and Half Marathon, the footrace that involves thousands of athletes.

Friday Farmer’s Market

Natural fresh products from our countryside.

Internazionale a Ferrara 2018

A series of free lectures and meetings held by journalists and authors from all over the world

Jews, an Italian story. The first thousand years

MEIS opens in Ferrara and reveals how Italian history, culture and identity have been formed thanks also to the Jews, present on the peninsula for over two thousand years

La Giostra del Monaco

Archery and crossbow tournaments, music, dance, and a knight single combat to gain the title of Este Paladin

Le rane nel piatto

Food festival dedicated to the frog

Main Events in Ferrara

Cultural events, art, concerts, exhibitions, music and entertainment in the Estense city.

Non competitive canoe regatta between Mantua and Ferrara

Second edition - From Mantua to Ferrara by canoe between history and culture

Street Market of Organic Products

Every second Sunday of the month, the market of Organic products is held in the historic centre of Ferrara.

The Cavallini Sgarbi Collection. From Niccolò dell'Arca to Gaetano Previati. Treasures of art for Ferrara

More than 130 masterpieces from the Cavallini Sgarbi Collection on display at the Estense Castle of Ferrara


Duck festival

At Stellata, beautiful town aside the Po river, it is possibile to taste many duck-based recipes.

Frog Festival

A rich menu based on frog and typical products of the Ferrarese area awaits at Santa Bianca.

Late Summer Festival

Village fair

Market of Stellata

Street market with more than 200 stalls selling furniture, clothes, coins, records, books, crafts, accessories.

Panarea 2012 - Festival of the Ferrara's bread

Panarea is a national festival dedicated to bread, pizza, piadina, pasta, bakery products, and traditional wheat-based products of Italian cuisine.

Truffle, Bread and Ferrarese Pearls Festival

Two weekends dedicated to the delicious truffle, bread and products from our area.


Cesare Tiazzi 1743-1809. A sculptor between Cento and Bologna

Cesare Tiazzi mastered clay sculpture, and he mainly worked in Cento. His works of art and education are inspired by Bolognese sculptors.

Cotechino Festival

Born at the beginning of 1900s, this festival has reached its 119th edition. The delicious Cotechino used to be served at the old inn between Finale Emilia and Via Riga Imperiale, which had been built by the will of Napoleone Bonaparte

Festival of the Salama da sugo from Buonacompra

Food and wine festival dedicated to the queen of Ferrara tables

Slug Festival

Many dishes based on slug, and many more, will be available during the Festival

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