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Around the Comacchio Lagoons

A 56-kilometer route that offers a unique look at the Comacchio lagoons and their treasures
Around the Comacchio Lagoons

This 56-kilometer route offers a unique look at the lagoons and their treasures. Beyond Ponte San Pietro, following the embankment roads that flank the Foce Fishing Station, Casone Donnabona, and Zavelea, continue along the Agosta embankment. Upon reaching the Boscoforte Peninsula is a spit of land, home to the white Delta-Camargue horses.

The route continues, taking the Argine degli Angeli, the spectacular 5.4-kilometer-long footbridge over the water leading up to the Bellocchio Fishing Station. Upon crossing the Romea state highway via an underpass, visitors arrive at the Lido di Spina. They come to the ferry connecting with Porto Garibaldi by continuing along the Lido degli Estensi seafront. One can reach Comacchio center and end the tour by taking two possible alternative routes. One can first proceed along the embankment that leads up to the Salt Pans from the Lido degli Estensi, where lively colonies of aquatic birds, including the splendid pink flamingos, find refuge. Alternatively, starting from the Porto Garibaldi port canal, one continues along the bike path along Via Marina.

Travel time and technical features

Km: 56
Duration: 3h 30minutes


Information office

Iat - Ufficio Informazioni e Accoglienza Turistica Comacchio

Via Agatopisto, 2/a c/o Settecentesco Ospedale degli Infermi
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