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Palazzo Bonacossi

Palazzo Bonacossi reopens on April 7th, 2022 with a new exhibition
Palazzo Bonacossi

This was built in 1468 for Diotisalvi Neroni, a Florentine exile protected by Borso d'Este.

The palace was located in an expanding area of the city between the old medieval walls along the Giovecca to the north, and the Santa Maria in Vado neighbourhood in the south, where Borso enhanced the pleasure-ground by Schifanoia. This simple and austere palace has a tower with battlements at the centre, two raised wings at the rear of the palace, and the original portal was made from fired earthenware. The first extension was carried out by the instructions of Gurone d'Este after 1533, when the interior courtyard was created by Girolamo da Carpi.

Its present appearance dates back to 1572, when it was bought by Francesco I d'Este to join it up with the little Marfisa d'Este Palace. In 1643 the property was acquired by Conti Bonacossi who was responsible for the opening of the present windows, and the installation of balconies, besides the interior decoration from the baroque and classical periods. The present restoration project which has just been finished has been by the architect, Romeo Ballardini.

To February, 26th 2023
"Vittorio Cini. The last Doge"


Ferrara - Via Cisterna del Follo, 5

How to get here

On foot: 20 minutes from the Castle Estense
By bus: No. 6 from Viale Cavour and the Este Castle, stop Alfonso d'Este (200 meters).
Accessible by car.

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