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Palazzina Marfisa d'Este

TEMPORARILY CLOSED. The Villa is a splendid example of a 16th-century high-class residence and was once surrounded by magnificent gardens that connected it to other buildings known as Casini di San Silvestro.
Palazzina Marfisa d'Este

It takes its name from the princess Marfisa d’Este who inherited it from the man who had it built, Francesco d’Este, the son of Duke Alfonso I and Lucrezia Borgia. Marfisa lived in it until her death and refused to leave Ferrara even after her family moved to Modena and the city was devolved to the Papal States. The façade on Corso Giovecca is in brick with large rectangular windows. The large garden behind is now closed off by a loggia painted with a fake bower, used for performances.

Palazzina Marfisa d'Este is  closed to the public from 12th September 2022 because of restoration reasons

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Palazzina Marfisa d'Este is closed to the public because of restoration reasons

How to get here

On foot: 30 minutes from the Este Castle;
bus n. 1 or n. 9  from the train station.

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