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Museo Civico Archeologico "G. Ferraresi"
The museum documents the rich history of Bondeno's territory.
Casa Ariosto
In and around the atmospheric village square there are various buildings worthy of mention, including the Casa Ariosto,...
Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Poplar
In the hamlet of Ospitale stands the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Poplar. Here in 1600, according to tradition, the Madonna appeared among the branches of a tree and spoke to a little deaf-mute girl.
Rocca Possente
Built in around the year 1000, it was extended and reinforced by the Este family in 1362.
Truffle, Bread and Ferrarese Pearls Festival Until Oct 19, 2014
Two weekends dedicated to the delicious truffle, bread and products from our area.
Market of Stellata Until Dec 08, 2024
Street market with more than 200 stalls selling furniture, clothes, coins, records, books, crafts, accessories.
The Zarda Oasis - Visitor Centre
A nature reserve and a deposit site of Mammoth bones, the centre assembles the fossilised remains of animals who lived on the Po Plain at the time of the last Ice Age and the Holocene era.
Panarea 2012 - Festival of the Ferrara's bread Until Oct 21, 2012
Panarea is a national festival dedicated to bread, pizza, piadina, pasta, bakery products, and traditional wheat-based products of Italian cuisine.
Civic Gallery "G. Cattabriga"
Galileo Cattabriga (1901-1969), a painter well known also outside Bondeno, gave his name to the museum housed in a warehouse in the rear of Teodoro Bonati's birthplace.
Sagra dal caplaz Until Sep 17, 2024
Delicious “cappellacci” and many other recipes of the local tradition
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