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The Zarda Oasis - Visitor Centre

A nature reserve and a deposit site of Mammoth bones, the centre assembles the fossilised remains of animals who lived on the Po Plain at the time of the last Ice Age and the Holocene era.
The Zarda Oasis - Visitor Centre

Thanks to a careful reconstruction, the mammoth, the wooly rhinoceros, the plains bison, the mega-deer, and the elk can all be seen today, full size, near the visitor centre.


The visitors centre is open on request.


Settepolesini - Via Comunale, 30/32

How to get here

By car: motorwat A13 exit Ferrara nord direction Mantova; at Bondeno, follow the signs to Ospitale- Settepolesini.
44° 53' 19 N - 11° 27' 17 E
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