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Necropolis of Spina

Not far from Comacchio the reclaimed area of Valle Pega was the site of
archaeological excavations which brought to light the necropolis of the
Greek-Etruscan city of Spina. Here the findings have been of such importance and quality that a National Museum was dedicated to them, the Museo Archeologico Nazionale housed inside Palazzo Costabili in Ferrara.
The necropolis excavated after 1922 and later after 1956 has brought to light a considerable number of earth tombs (more than 4,000) with a wealth of precious material. The objects - Attic vases, "upper Adriatic" vases, figured bronzes, golden works, etc. - left alongside the dead during the dual ritual of interment and cremation, constituted the ideological "baggage" required to ensure that in the afterlife they could continue to play the role they had played in life.

The site is not currently open to the public.

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