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Jewish Museum

TEMPORARILY CLOSED. Re-opening after restoration. In the Jewish Museum there is an exhibition of traditional and ceremonial objects that illustrate different aspects of the life of every Jew, from birth (pidyón, or redemption, and objects for circumcision) to death (fragments of tombstones and wooden blocks placed in graves).
Jewish Museum

Particularly beautiful is the 18th-century furniture which comes from the synagogue at Cento, now no longer existent. An elegant example of an 18th century Elijah chair, lacquered in green, comes instead from Lugo: it was on this chair that circumcision was performed. In the display cases along the walls of the second room there are many metal objects, mainly silver; the majority of them serve as decorations for the Torah scrolls. In one display case there is a nine-light candelabra of particularly refined artistry that is still used in the Temple during the feast of Channukkà (light). The objects in the display cases in the centre of the room are divided according to the festivities in which they are used. The third room houses the keys to the gates of the ghetto, a real historic rarity. There is great variety in the documents and printed works section, which includes some works by Isacco Lampronti (1679-1756), a competent doctor and famous theologian who lived in the nearby Via Vignatagliata.



Ferrara - Via Mazzini, 95

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