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Pieve di San Giorgio
Argenta was possibly already a castle in Ravenna's Exarchate period. Before long, however, this community - like Ferrara - had to organise its life around two separate cores: one military/commercial, the other civic/religious.
Delizia Estense di Benvignante
This work by the court architect, Pietro Benvenuto degli Ordini, was carried out for Borso d'Este and is an excellent example of the refined, elegant Ferrarese style during the Renaissance period.
The Argenta Gap War Cemetery
Ecomuseum of Argenta - Po Delta Park
With the term Ecomuseum we mean a museum located within its human and physical environment.
Area of the Po Delta Park - Stazione 6
Within the Po Delta Park, the Argenta Oasis is one of the most suggestive section of the park.
Sanctuary of Celletta
The project of the church dates back to 1490. In 1607 it was transformed into a sanctuary by Marco Nicolò Balestri and Gian Battista Aleotti in 1606.
Valli di Argenta Museum
The Casino di Campotto is a rural building situated at the entrance to the Oasis in via Cardinala.
Water scooping plant of Saiarino and Museum of Land Reclamation
The Museo della Bonifica, situated at the Saiarino Pumping Station is an exemple of an industrial archaeology museum, where you can admire the complex mechanical system of land reclamation of the early 1900s.
Civic Museum
The Civic Museum of Argenta, opened in 1973 in the church of San Domenico, is home to the picture gallery...
Campotto oasis
The three lagoons are situated within the course of the River Reno and the Sillaro torrent, and occupy a total surface area of 1.624 hectares.
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