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Folklore and festivals


La Giostra del Borgo

Banquets, tournaments, stalls and shows from the 15th Century

Ferrara Balloons Festival 2018

Free balloon flights, competitions, and a spectacular night flight with lighted balloons


Frog Festival

A rich menu based on frog and typical products of the Ferrarese area awaits at Santa Bianca.

Late Summer Festival

Village fair

Truffle, Bread and Ferrarese Pearls Festival

Two weekends dedicated to the delicious truffle, bread and products from our area.

Panarea 2012 - Festival of the Ferrara's bread

Panarea is a national festival dedicated to bread, pizza, piadina, pasta, bakery products, and traditional wheat-based products of Italian cuisine.

Duck festival

At Stellata, beautiful town aside the Po river, it is possibile to taste many duck-based recipes.

Sagra dal caplaz

Delicious “cappellacci” and many other recipes of the local tradition


Beef Festival

The Festival takes place near the Giovannina Castle, at Cento.


Wine and food tastings and live music.

Tortellino Festival

“Tortellini" are the gem of this festival: an unique traditional recipe, home-made by our local cooks. It can be tasted along with broth or different sauces

Snail Fest

Many snails cooked in different ways. Not only snails, but also traditional dishes, dishes with truffles, fillet, salama da sugo, all accompanied by a wide selection of fine wines

“Grilled salame” Festival

Gastronomic Festival

Snail Festival - San Lorenzo Fair

Gourmet stalls with a snail-based menu; traditional recipes from Casumaro, international recipes with a genuine taste

Cotechino Festival

Born at the beginning of 1900s, this festival has reached its 119th edition. The delicious Cotechino used to be served at the old inn between Finale Emilia and Via Riga Imperiale, which had been built by the will of Napoleone Bonaparte

Slug Festival

Many dishes based on slug, and many more, will be available during the Festival

Festival of the Salama da sugo from Buonacompra

Food and wine festival dedicated to the queen of Ferrara tables


Children's Festival: Dreaming of Boats on Parade

Boats parade through the canals

Hospitality Feast

Every year, for longer than anyone can remember, summer is celebrated on the eve of Ferragosto

Halloween in Comacchio

Magic, witchcrafs, gourmet food stalls with pumpkin-based dishes

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