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Zucca in Festa - Pumpkin Festival

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Village fair dedicated to the traditional ferrarese pumpkin with stalls, tasting sessions, exhibitions events.
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Village fair dedicated to the the traditional ferrarese pumpkin with stalls, tasting sessions, exhibitions with linked events and dinner with chefs in local restaurants.

Pumpkin is inextricably linked to Ostellato, an ever-present and long-cultivated crop in this area: used in soups, risotto and fried and roast dishes, as well as desseerts, but it is in the famous cappellacci, pumpkin-filled pasta, where the pumpkin is in its element, glorifying the delicate balance between sweet ans savoury.

The term cappellaccio evokes the form of the traditional straw headgear used by the local farmers. Cappellacci are prepared using baked violina pumpkin, with its distinctive violin shape, with the addition of parmesan cheese, nutmeg and breadcrumbs to taste. This filling is enveloped in a square of pasta, expertly made using a rolling pin, and smothered in a delicious ragù meat sauce, or butter and sage for a less calorie-laden version.

The best time to purchase pumpkins is the end of the summer, and the autumn is the best time to taste this delicacy.


Ostellato - Via Argine Mezzano, 14


October 10th,11th; 17th,18th; 24th,25th, 2015


Opening of the gourmet food stand: Saturday at 7pm; Sunday at 12am and 7pm


Free entrance


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