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The elegant images in the seven videos that narrate the excellences of Ferrara accompany us on a journey into the very heart of the Renaissance.
They showcase prestigious palaces,
that have retained all their beauty over the centuries, precious monuments and museums and Renaissance traditions
that live on at the table, in local crafts and in the city’s historical celebrations. From here
we set off, guided by a road map, on six different itineraries,
to visit streets, parks and city walls, either on foot or by bicycle.


Itinerary 1 - Ferrara, ideal city

A walk through the heart of Ferrara becomes a step back into the Renaissance. The old town centre is a wonderful example of a city designed in the 15th century that has remained largely intact.

Itinerary 2 - At the Este court

The stones of Ferrara’s Castello Estense still echo with the footsteps and voices of its former inhabitants: from the tragic history of Ugo and Parisina to the secrets of Lucrezia Borgia

Itinerary 3 - Crossing Jewish Ferrara

Walking around the streets of the Jewish ghetto means immersing oneself in the rich cultural dialogue between Hebrew culture, the predominant Christian culture and the Renaissance

Itinerary 4 - The wonders of Este art

Renaissance art reflected the new centrality of mankind, an awareness that inspired artists, who used sacred and secular subjects in landscapes, architecture and portraits

Itinerary 5 - The landscape of the Delizie

Commissioned by the Dukes of Este, these lavish villas, recognised as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, were a network of noble residences dotted all around the Ferrara area

Itinerary 6 - Ferrara at the time of Ludovico Ariosto

We discover Ferrara walking in the footsteps of Ludovico Ariosto, thanks to an itinerary that narrates the city’s most hidden treasures.

Water, "plot" of the Ferrara Renaissance

Ferrara - Water - Renaissance. A triangle where the history of an entire civilization unfolds, from the birth of the first city nucleus to the splendor of the Estense court

Insights on Renaissance in Ferrara

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