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Embrace the beautiful and the good in a single infinite gaze

Lose yourself in the art, nature, flavours and landscapes of places where time has left traces of unforgettable stories. This is the exclusive pleasure offered by Ferrara and its surrounding area: an intense, emotional experience that captivates your palate and soul

In this land, mankind’s wisdom preserves and passes on ancient traditions, transforming them into extraordinary food and wine that boasts certified quality. Such as Comacchio Eel, which can be enjoyed prepared in various ways, offering a medley of flavours that are unique and irresistible, just like the Comacchio Valleys. Or the unmistakable scent that intoxicates your senses every morning at dawn as you walk through the streets of Ferrara, inviting you to
taste the typical crunchy Ferrara bread known as “Coppia”, while contemplating the Castello Estense, the symbol of the city.

Surrounded by an enchanting Renaissance atmosphere, Duke Ercole I d’Este offers you a taste of butternut squash “Cappellacci” and a mouthful of the majestic and mysterious “Salama da sugo”. Followed by “Pampepato” (or “pampapato”) decorated with candied fruit, almonds or hazelnuts, all topped with a very fine layer of dark chocolate. Not to mention: Macaroni pie (Pasticcio ferrarese), Delta Rice, Bosco Eliceo Wines, Green Asparagus, Voghiera Garlic and Goro Clams... an endless chest of delectable treasures to enjoy
immersed in incredibly beautiful scenery, among courtyards, oases, castles and palaces like none other in the world: the Delizie Estensi, a UNESCO site.

Welcome to the unique land of Ferrara. An adventure entirely dedicated to the senses.

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