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Church of San Giorgio

The presence of the church, dedicated to the patron saint of the city, is documented as long ago as the 10th century.
Church of San Giorgio

It was the city cathedral until the 12th century. The present layout of the church is owed to the Conversion carried out by Alberto Schiatti (1581) and to further work done in the 1600s. The terracotta façade is enlivened by a broad bas-relief made of stone showing Saint George Slaying the Dragon. The campanile was erected in 1485 by Biagio Rossetti. Inside, there are works by Francesco Ferrari, Costanzo Catanio, Domenico Canuti and Francesco Naselli. In the presbyterial area is the 15th-century sepulchral monument of Lorenzo Roverella, the bishop of Ferrara, the work of Antonio Rossellino and Ambrogio da Milano: the beautiful elegant decorations sculpted upon it had great influence on local sculpturing in the Renaissance period. At the end of the left aisle is San Maurilius’ chapel, containing the tomb of the martyred bishop who was elected co-patron of Ferrara. Near the entrance to the campanile lies the tomb of the famous painter Cosmè Tura, Master of the "Officina Ferrarese". The vestry and the cloister are of very graceful design.


Every day 7.30-12.00.


Ferrara - Piazzale San Giorgio, 29

How to get here

By bus: No. 6 from the center - Castello Estense (Teatini or Giardini stop).
Accessible by car.
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