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El Paladar Birthday

11th July

Lido di Pomposa, Viale Mar Adriatico angolo Viale Dolomiti

Towards Saturn, Observing the Sky.

11th and 26th July - 1st and 10th August

Valli di Comacchio - Pontile Lido di Volano


16th July and 17th August

Lido di Spina - Lido di Volano

A walk and astro-yoga

18th July - 9th, 22nd and 30th August

Lido di Volano, Valli di Comacchio, Lido di Spina

Music in the salina

From June, 28th to August, 23rd every Friday

Lido di Spina - Via delle Saline

Teatri sull’Acqua – I Pupi di Stac - Giovannin senza paura

19th June

Lido di Pomposa – Piazza Ballardini

Music & Young Estate

14th, 21st June - 18th, 24th July - 5th, 12th August

Lidi di Comacchio

Music at the museum

17th, 25th, 31st July - 7th, 21st, 28th August

Casa Museo Remo Brindisi - Via Nicolò Pisano, 45

Comacchio by night

14th, 21st, 28th June - 5th, 12nd, 19th, 26th July - 2nd, 9th, 30th August

Comacchio - Centro storico

Fashion Fitness Hairstyles

14th July

Comacchio – Piazzetta Trepponti

A Basketful of Lidi

24th July 2019

Lido degli Estensi - Parco pubblico tra Viale Querce e Via dei Castagni

Lido Nazioni Carnival

26th July

Lido delle Nazioni - Lungomare e Piazza Italia

Concert at Dawn

30th June - 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th July - 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th August 2019

Spiagge dei Lidi di Comacchio

Concert at Dawn on the beaches

A Journey into the Placid Waters of the Po

From March to November

Loc. Volano - imbarco Oasi Canneviè, SP54 per Volano

Excursion by Po Delta Tourism

Ferrara International Piano Festival

From July 2nd to 10th, 2019

Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Via XX Settembre 122 - Ferrara

Ferrara International Piano Festival is a series of concerts open to visitors and master classes open to students of all nationalities.

Sail experience

From April, 30th to September, 13th - Tuesdays and Fridays

Marina degli Estensi, Lido degli Estensi

The ABCs of sailing! A wonderful experience that will teach you basic sailing techniques.

Volanoart - Hobby and Handicraft market

From 22nd June to 24th August - Every Saturday night

Lido di Volano - Via le dei Daini e Via della Vigna

Hobby and handicraft market

Comacchio by Night

14th, 21st and 28th June; 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th July; 2nd, 9th and 30th August

Comacchio - Centro storico

Entertainment in Comacchio

Children's Festival: Dreaming of Boats on Parade

22nd June

Comacchio - Piazzetta Trepponti

Boats parade through the canals

Delta Adventures

Tours can be booked every day, by reservation

Partenza da: Strutture ricettive di Ferrara e Comacchio

Eco friendly 4WD Excursions: the exclusive "AdvenNature" to discover the Po Delta Park

On horseback in the heart of Po Delta Park

From January to December

Lido delle Nazioni - Maneggio Hotel Club Spiaggia Romea

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

Year-end dance recital by the Bottega degli Artisti

30th June 2018

Lido delle Nazioni - Arena Camping Tahiti

Guided tour at the Pomposa Abbey

June, 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th

Abbazia di Pomposa, Codigoro

Salama da Sugo Fair

September, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th; October,  3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th 2019

Madonna Boschi

The "Salamina da sugo al cucchiaio" Festival is a gourmet event dedicated to this deliciously tasty dish of the Italian cuisine


From June, 7th to September, 6th every Friday night

Porto Garibaldi - Via Ugo Bassi

Platea Cibis

From 24th to 26th August 2018

Porto Garibaldi - Via U. Bassi

Excursions by boat in the Comacchio Lagoons

From March to December
Comacchio - Stazione di Pesca Foce

Boat excursion on the Lagoon with a stop at the traditional “casoni”

L’arte per l’arte – Painting the affections: Sacred art in Ferrara from the 16th to the 18th Centuries

January 26th-December 26th, 2019

Castello Estense - Largo Castello - Ferrara

“L’arte per l’arte” returns to the Este Castle. Following a project formerly organized by Comune di Ferrara, here is presented a little known artistic heritage of great significance for our city and a journey through time from the sunset of the Este dynasty up to the Enlightment

Feast of San Cassiano

13 August 2018

Comacchio, centro storico

Traditional Village Fair in the beautiful historic centre of Comacchio

Hospitality Feast

14 August 2019

Porto Garibaldi - Molo

Every year, for longer than anyone can remember, summer is celebrated on the eve of Ferragosto

La Giostra del Borgo

From June, 7th to 24th, 2018

Ferrara - Ippodromo comunale di Ferrara - Via Ippodromo, 31

Banquets, tournaments, stalls and shows from the 15th Century


July, 13th and August, 24th

Lido di Volano - Spiaggia libera

Kite entertainment

Market Herb Garden with organic products

From June, 7th to September, 6th, every Friday night

Lido degli Estensi - Viale delle Querce

Every Friday night market with organic products

Troy: the end of a city, the birth of a mith

From March, 16th to October, 27th

Comacchio - Palazzo Bellini - Via Agatopisto, 5

An exhibition that celebrates the classicism of TROY in all its artistic expressions with the exhibition of works from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples and the Archaeological Park of the Phlegraean Fields.

Concert Season 2019/2020

September, 21st, 2019 – May 8th, 2020

Ferrara - Teatro Comunale, Corso Martiri della Libertà, 5

The program 2019-2020 of the Concert Season of Ferrara Musica proposes nine months of appointments in the sign of the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven and the great orchestras of Claudio Abbado, together with a lot of chamber music and piano concerts of great interest

Concerts in the salt flat

From 28th June to 23rd August - Every Friday

Lido di Spina - Via delle Saline

F.A.I. and Brumotti all over Italy

22nd and 23rd June

Comacchio – Valli di Comacchio e centro storico

Discovering unexplored paths

29th June

Lido di Spina - partendo dall’Azienda Agricola Confina

Summer Carnival

August 8th, 2019

Lido di Pomposa e Lido degli Scacchi

Featuring fancy dress parades starting out from Lido di Pomposa and Lido degli Scacchi

Halloween in Comacchio

October, 31st

Comacchio - Centro storico

Magic, witchcrafs, gourmet food stalls with pumpkin-based dishes

Sand on the Notes

11th July and 23rd July

Porto Garibaldi, Viale Ugo Bassi - Lido degli Estensi -Viale Carducci

J&J Remember

19th July

Lido di Pomposa - Viale Mar Adriatico angolo Via Dolomiti


20th August

Lido degli Estensi, Via Severo Pozzati

Discovering the Salina of Comacchio

From March to September 2019

Salina di Comacchio

Guided walking tour to discover the natural environment of the Salina

Hobby and handicraft market at Lido degli Estensi

From 6th June to 5th September 2019, every Thursday

Lido degli Estensi - Viale Leopardi e Carducci (fuori Porta Venezia)

Hobby and handicraft market

Discovering the Comacchio's Lagoons - Valle Campo

From July, 1st to September, 2nd Mondays

Comacchio - SS. 309 Romea - Via Saline - Lido di Spina

Guides tours by boat, bycicle and on foot in the heart of the Comacchio Lagoon inValle Campo

On the trail of the Mesola Deer

From March, 2nd to October, 27th 2019 Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Ritrovo: ingresso della R.N. Bosco della Mesola.

Bosco Mesola Nature Reserve: Guided tours by electric coach.

Through the Wood on two wheels

From March, 2nd to May, 12th and from July, 14th to September, 8th Sundays and holidays

Ritrovo: ingresso della R.N. Bosco della Mesola

Guided bike tours at Bosco Mesola Nature Reserve

Slow Spring 2019

From March, 22nd to June, 23rd 2019

Comacchio e Parco del Delta del Po

Weekends in the most suggestive places of the Po Delta Park, that will allow to enjoy the territory through forms of slow tourism

La Notte Rosa 2019

From July, 5th to 7th, 2019

Comacchio e Lidi di Comacchio

An evening dedicated to the female! In every corner of the Coast, from the Comacchio Lidi to Cattolica, this evening acquires another colour

FerraraMarathon e Half Marathon 2019

September 29th, 2019

Ferrara, Corso Martiri della Libertà

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 in Ferrara takes place a new edition of the Marathon and Half Marathon, the footrace that involves thousands of athletes.

Internazionale a Ferrara 2019

October 4th-6th, 2019

Ferrara - Centro storico

A series of free lectures and meetings held by journalists and authors from all over the world

Meeting the Sea on Lido di undiscovered environment

10th August

Lido di Volano - Piazza Volano centro (retrospiaggia)

Grandparents’ Festival

End of July 2019

Lido di Pomposa e Lido degli Scacchi - Via Monte San Michele

Town fair with entertainment

Sailing the Delta

From April, 20th to June, 2nd and from September, 7th to October, 27th - Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Partenza da Porto di Gorino Ferrarese

Excursions in the Delta by Po Delta Tourism

A night at the Ancient Delta Museum

Fridays from June, 28th to August, 30th

Comacchio - via Agatopisto n. 2

A guided tour in the new archaeological museum of Comacchio

In the heart of the Comacchio's Lagoons - Valle Campo

From March to October

Valle Campo, SS 309 Romea (km 21,000)

Excursions in the Delta by Po Delta Tourism

The Comacchio's Lagoons by canoe

From May to October

Stazione Foce, Comacchio (Fe)

Excursions in the Delta by Po Delta Tourism

Clam fishing

From June, 14th to August, 30th Fridays

Partenza Porto di Gorino Ferrarese – Attracco motobarca Carcana

Excursions in the Delta by Po Delta Tourism

Bike&Boat trips along the river

From March, 24th to June, 9th and from September, 15th to October, 20th Sundays and holidays

Partenza Porto di Gorino Ferrarese – attracco motobarca Carcana

Excursions in the Delta by Po Delta Tourism

Market of Stellata

Second  Sunday of each month.

Stellata - Centro del paese

Street market with more than 200 stalls selling furniture, clothes, coins, records, books, crafts, accessories.

The old Saltworks of Comacchio by bike

From April to November

Stazione Foce, Valli di Comacchio

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism and in the Comacchio Lagoons

Sailing from the sea to the Lagoons

From April to September

Portocanale di Porto Garibaldi

Excursions organised by PO DELTA TOURISM in the Comacchio Lagoons

Seaside Cinema

16th, 17th, 23rd and 24th July 2019

Porto Garibaldi - Molo - Piazzale del Bagno Paradiso

Screening of movies

Seaside Cinema

29th, 30th July - 5th, 6th August

Lido di Spina - Via N. Pisano, 51

Screening of movies

Free educational activities for children

Tuesdays from July, 2nd to July, 30th

Lido di Spina - Casa Museo Remo Brindisi

Motorboat trip to the mouth of the Po river

From March, 10th to November, 3rd - Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Porto di Gorino

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

A window onto Flamingos

From March to October

Partenza da Comacchio, Manifattura dei Marinati

A guided tour in the heart of Comacchio wetlands

Hobby and handicraft market at Lido degli Scacchi

From June, 3rd to September, 2nd every Monday night

Lido degli Scacchi - Viale Alpi Centrali

Hobby and handicraft market at Lido di Pomposa

From June, 2nd to September, 1st every Sunday night

Lido di Pomposa - Viale Mare Adriatico

Birdwatching at the old lighthouse

From March, 30th to June, 9th and from September, 7th to November, 3rd - Saturdays, days before holidays, Sundays and holidays
Imbarco: Porto di Gorino

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

Paratriathlon and Società Triathlon Irondelta Italian Championship

September, 15th and 16th, 2018

Lido delle Nazioni

Italian Championship of Società

Hobby and handicraft market at Lido di Spina

From June, 11th to September, 3rd every Tuesday evening

Lido di Spina - Piazzale Caravaggio

Street market

Dinner Cruise on the Comacchio's Lagoons at sunset

From June to August

Portocanale di Garibaldi

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

Articles from the Old days - Antiques and Craft Market

First Saturday and Sunday of every month (except August).

Ferrara - Corso Porta Reno e Mc Donald e Piazza Savonarola

Street market for antiques and objects to collect.

Street Market of Organic Products

Second Saturday and Sunday of each month (except July, August, December, January).

Ferrara - Piazza Savonarola

Every second Sunday of the month, the market of Organic products is held in the historic centre of Ferrara.

Troia, la fine della città, la nascita di un mito

16th March - 27th October

Comacchio - Palazzo Bellini - Via Agatopisto, 5

Archeological exhibition

La Leyenda del Chan Chan

27th July

Comacchio - Piazzetta Trepponti (In caso di maltempo Sala Polivalente San Pietro)

Grupo Compay Segundo concert

Minicruise along the coast as far as the Island of Love

From April, 20th to October, 13th

Porto Garibaldi – Porto Canale

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

Bike and Boat in Comacchio's Lagoons and old saltwork

From April, 7th to June, 9th and from September, 15th to November, 3rd Sundays and holidays

Comacchio, Manifattura dei Marinati - Via Mazzini, 200

Excursions organised by Po Delta Tourism

The Renaissance speaks Hebrew

From April, 12th to September, 15th, 2019

MEIS - Museo Nazionale dell'Ebraismo Italiano e della Shoah - Via Piangipane 81 - Ferrara

The 'Renaissance speaks Hebrew' recounts an intellectual season of artistic turmoil, elegant life in the Courts, ideas and new creative impulses in wich the Jews actively participated.

Clam Festival

June, 14th, 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 29th, 30th 2019


The Festival of Venus clam has become an event of great importance, with its gastronomic stalls from all over Italy

Eel festival 2019

During the weekend from September, 27th to October, 13th 2018

Comacchio - Centro storico

Tastings of dishes featuring the eel and the fish of sea and lagoon, exhibition stands of typical products and crafts, music, street animation

The Magnificent Sixties

5th and 25th July

Lido di Spina - Piazzale Caravaggio

III Memorial Nino Vicentini

19th July

Comacchio – piazzetta Trepponti

Cabaret Festival

12th and 25th July

Porto Garibaldi, viale dei Mille

Friday Farmer’s Market

Every Friday

Ferrara - Piazzetta Donatori di Sangue - P.ta Paola

Natural fresh products from our countryside.

Cappelletto Festival

From June, 14th to June, 23rd 2019

Vigarano Pieve - Campo parrocchiale, Via Mantova 120

Every year, Vigarano Pieve celebrates the king of Ferrarese cuisine: the delicious “cappelletto”!

Ferrara sotto le stelle 2019

June 11th, 24th and 25th; July 18th and 22nd, 2019

Ferrara - Piazza Castello

Ferrara sotto le Stelle is renown as one of the most qualified summer festival in Italy, with prestigious names and talented young artists.

Black & White: Street dinner under the stars

20th June and 29th August

Lido degli Estensi – Viale Carducci Porta Ravenna

Boat excursion in the moat of the Estense Castle

Every Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Accesso dal pontile di Piazza Savonarola - Ferrara

Boat excursion in the moat, to see the Castle from a different point of view

Festa di San Cassiano

13th August

Comacchio, centro storico

The local patron saint

Hobby and handicraft market at Lido delle Nazioni

From April, 24th to September,11th every Wednesday night

Lido delle Nazioni - Piazza Italia

Evening hobby and handicraft market at Lido delle Nazioni

Ferrara Buskers Festival 2019

From August 24th to September 1st,  2019 (except 26th Monday)
September 23rd, preview
Ferrara Buskers Festival in Comacchio

Ferrara - Strade e piazze del centro storico

The most important international event based on music and street art in Italy.

Train excursions accompanied by Salina staff

April, 20th - 22nd - 25th - 26th; May, 1st - 3rd; June, 14th - 21st - 22nd; August, 30th

Lido di Spina - Via delle Saline

Train excursions and a "white-gold hunt"

Every Tuesday and Saturday of July and August

Lido di Spina - Via delle Saline

Ferrara Balloons Festival 2019

September 6th-15th, 2019

Ferrara - Parco Urbano "G. Bassani"

Free balloon flights, competitions, and a spectacular night flight with lighted balloons

Opera at the Castle

July, 11th 2018

Ferrara - Teatro Comunale - Corso Martiri della Libertà 5

Verdi at the Castle: after the great success of the last years, the Opera comes back at the Estense Castle, with the “Città di Ferrara” Orchestra.

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