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Oasi di Cannevié

This small salt-water lagoon covers an area of 70 hectares, detached from the reclaimed Valle Gaffaro land.
Oasi di Cannevié

It is generally quite shallow, and the prevalent vegetation includes underwater plants and bed of rushes. A small number of purple herons, little bittern and great reed warblers nest here. The migratory birds are much more numerous, counting mainly ducks. The fish include grey mullets and eels. Particularly characteristic of the area are the fishing house of Porticino and the old fishing station at Canneviè, recently restored and currently being used as a restaurant.


All the year round. Suggested months: February-June.




How to get here

It is located 2 kms west of Volano, between Mesola Wood and the river Po di Volano.
By car: you can reach it from A-road 309 Romea by taking the B-road Pomposa-Volano (km 7).
By bicycle: the cycle route FE301 that run along the Po di Volano river links Pomposa Abbey with Canneviè natur reserve, the Lidi di Comacchio and Comacchio. This is a part of the suggested cycle route "The Park and the Sea".
44 48 27 N - 12 14 13 E
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