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Pumpkins with a bright orange-colour flesh, sweet and firm, grow in a soil with unique organoleptic characteristics granting an excellent quality.

This product has a notable economic and gastronomic importance. One of the most popular local dishes, cappellacci di zucca, has pumpkin as its main ingredient. Pumpkins are also used to make sauces for pasta dishes, or in almond cakes and soups, or deep-fired, sliced and roasted in the oven, baked and sprinkled with sugar, in risottos, gnocchi’s, as a puree or to add a tasty touch to minestrone.

Product Type

  • Traditional products

In depth examination

SAGRA DELLA ZUCCA, Pumpkin Fair in Pontelangorino, Codigoro, August (third weekend). Info: tel. 0533 719110.
ZUCCA IN FESTA, Pumpkin Fair in Ostellato, Weekends of November. Info: tel. 0533 683911 - 366 2005553
SAGRA DELLA ZUCCA E DEL SUO CAPPELLACCIO, Pumpkin and cappellacci Festival in San Carlo, end of August. Info: tel. 0532 844414.

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