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Via Coperta

Via Coperta
The building, constructed in several phases, closes off Piazza Savonarola and joins the Castello Estense with Palazzo Municipale. The modern appearance is that of a sort of covered bridge with five spans. From the time the castle was built, some connecting structure had to exist to allow the Este family to escape in the event of a rebellion. From the early years of the 16th Century, when Duke Alfonso I created the aerial bridge that linked the castle to the Palazzo Ducale, these famous Camerini rooms were allotted to the very prestigious works of artists like Bellini, Tiziano [Titian], Dosso Dossi, and Antonio Lombardo. With the dispersal of treasures that followed the Devolving of Ferrara to the Holy See, the castle was stripped of much of its art, this wing in particular.
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