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Places of natural interest


The Zarda Oasis - Visitor Centre

A nature reserve and a deposit site of Mammoth bones, the centre assembles the fossilised remains of animals who lived on the Po Plain at the time of the last Ice Age and the Holocene era.


Mouth of Po di Volano river

The "Peschiera" is a vast reed thicket that lies to the left before the bridge over the Volano in the locality of the same name.


Nazioni Lake

It is the result of the hydraulic structures built in what was once the Valle di Volano.


Scannone di Goro

It is a strip of land that extends for about 2 kilometres between the mouth of the Volano and a narrow arm of the Sacca di Goro which separates it from the coast, the entire length of which is accessible on foot or by bicycle.

The Sacca di Goro

The port of Goro looks out onto this wide crescent-shaped cove, with an area of 2000 hectares


Marozzo draining plant – The House of Memory

The draining plant at Marozzo di Lagosanto is a pumping plant along the Po di Volano river.

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