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Beyond the Ghetto. Inside & Outside

Until Jul 03, 2022

The exhibition traces the period that goes from the ghettos (with the establishment of the first, that of Venice in 1516) to the Emancipation and Unification of Italy: a journey through universal identity issues with works of art, precious volumes and documents


Arianna di Romano. Oltre lo sguardo

Until Jun 12, 2022

Photo exhibition of the photographer Arianna di Romano at the Palazzina Marfisa d'Este


Il sogno di Ferrara (The dream of Ferrara) - Adelchi Riccardo Mantovani

Until Oct 09, 2022

The exhibition held at the Estense Castle aims to introduce the general public to the fantastic, poetic and thrilling world of Ferrara native Adelchi Riccardo Mantovani, covering for the first time his entire career


Biennale Donna - Out of Time. Starting out again from Nature

Until May 29, 2022

The Biennale Donna continues to explore female creativity in a range of fields: five international artists will be exhibited at the Contemporary Art Pavilion.

Folklore and festivals

Palio of Ferrara 2022

Until May 29, 2022

A month of celebrations, parades, flag-throwing competitions and a spectacular horse race in Piazza Ariostea



Spina 100 from myth to discovery

Until Oct 16, 2022

This archaeological exhibition mounted in Comacchio is part of the national celebrations organized to mark the one hundred years since the discovery of the Etruscan city of Spina (1922-2022).


Spina 100 from myth to discovery

Until Oct 16, 2022

One century since the unearthing of this Etruscan city

Multiple events

Slow Spring 2022

Until Jun 19, 2022

Weekends in the most suggestive places of the Po Delta Park, that will allow to enjoy the territory through forms of slow tourism

Street performances

Preview of Ferrara Buskers Festival

On Aug 23, 2022

Music and entertainment in the historic centre of Comacchio

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