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Governor's palace

The Governor's palace, also called Palace of Justice or Palace of the Clock, was built in 1502 and looks onto the square named after Il Guercino.
Governor's palace

After 1598, when Ferrara became part of the State of the Church, it was the site of the papal legates. The palazzo was later extended by Francesco Girardini who added the Torre dell'Orologio with an elegant top. During the following centuries it was restaurated and enlarged, seriously modifying the sober façade typical of Ferrarese Renaissance architecture. In 1803 the shops on the ground floor were open and the arcaded gallery to the south was closed. In 1819 the simple rectangular windows were changed into mullioned windows and multimullioned, battlements with the shape of a swallow's tail were added, giving to the building an appearance very different from the original one. On the façade one can notice several epigraphs recalling the most interesting historical events of Cento. A curiosity: a column marks the level reached by the river Reno during the great flood of 1812.
The Palace houses the Gallery of Modern Art "A. Bonzagni".


Cento - Piazza Guercino, 39

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