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Pig Festival

Folklore and festivals

This festival takes place in Tresigallo, and it presents the ancient Christmas tradition of processing and cooking pork meat.
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“A zzuen al maial… in piaza!”: processing pork meat in the city centre

The 10th edition of this festival presents an ancient event from the Ferrarese country: in every farmyard, people used to process meat, after butchering pork. It was an important moment for the whole family, from children to the elderly ones. Then, they could preserve the products for many months to come.

Tresigallo offers a dive into the past, with ancient flavours and traditions still reminded by many people from our country.
It will be possibile to watch the making of “ciccioli” (pork rinds), salami, sausages and so much more: meat is processed following the traditional recipes from the past.


Tresigallo - Piazza Repubblica


December from 5th to 8th, 2015


Comune di Tresigallo - Ufficio Cultura Piazza Italia 32
telefax 0533 607710
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