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By car

There are 5 principal roads across the province of Ferrara:

  • The A13 Bologna-Padova Autostrada (motorway or highway) with its 'Ferrara Nord' and 'Ferrara Sud' exits; for Cento there is also the San Pietro in Casale exit in the province of Bologna.
  • The Ferrara-Porto Garibaldi feeder road: from the Ferrara Sud junction this crosses the province (apart from the Alto Ferrarese) from west to east and gives easy access to Voghiera (Gualdo exit), Masi Torello (Masi S. Giacomo exit), Portomaggiore (San Vito exit), Tresigallo, Formignana and Jolanda di Savoia (Rovereto exit), Migliarino, Migliaro, Massa Fiscaglia and Codigoro (Migliarino exit), Ostellato (Ostellato exit), Lagosanto (Corte Centrale exit), Comacchio (Comacchio exit) and the Comacchio Lidi (the road runs to Porto Garibaldi, where there is a junction with the SS. 309 Romea)
  • The SS64 Porrettana: this leaves Ferrara (where it is called Via Bologna) and heads south-west towards Bologna and from there across the Apenninesto Pistoia. It reaches the city through Poggio Renatico (and diverts after Chiesuol del Fosso onto the SP8).
  • The SS16 Adriatica: this starts in Padova and joins Ferrara to the River Po and to the Province of Rovigo by the bridge at Pontelagoscuro; to the south of Ferrara it heads for Ravenna and the other towns of the Adriatic coast; it is the best route to Voghiera, Portomaggiore and Argenta.
  • The SS 309 Romea: this comes from Ravenna and links the towns on the eastern borders of the province from north to south. From Mesola, on the border with the Veneto, it goes south, past Pomposa, passing near Goro, Codigoro, Lagosanto and Comacchio, near which there is a junction with the Ferrara-Porto Garibaldi road. The 'Romea' is the best connection between Comacchio's seven Lidi.


The province's towns and villages are connected by a dense network of minor roads. Among these the most useful include the SP66 linking Ferrara, Vigarano Mainarda, Mirabello, Sant’Agostino and Cento, the (SP 69 -SS 496) Virgiliana between Ferrara, Bondeno, San Benedetto Po and Mantova and the SS255 to Modena.

The A13 is connected to the A1 Milano-Napoli route which in turn connects to all the major roads in northern Italy: the A21 Torino to Piacenza, A22 Brennero to Modena, A15 La Spezia to Parma, and the A14 Bologna to Taranto.

From the centre and south of the country, Ferrara is easily accessible via the A1 (to Bologna) from Napoli, Roma and Firenze (Naples, Rome, Florence), or from Taranto, Bari, Pescara and Ancona, via the A14 (Adriatica).

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