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Villas and castles for receptions


Este Castle

The Este Castle of Ferrara is an exclusive setting for meetings, concerts, ceremonies, conferences and all events. The monument that is the symbol of the city of Ferrara, the Castello Estense still conserves unmistakable features of its past as a fortress and the residence of the Dukes of Este: towers, gatehouses and drawbridges blend with smart little balconies and marble terraces. Extensive restoration works have recently brought to light structures dating back to the days of the mighty fortress and have brought back into use large rooms situated below the level of the courtyard. These rooms are large and full of atmosphere with their barrelled ceilings and terracotta floors which originate from their former function as store rooms and access routes to other places, such as the landing stage (which is why it is called "imbarcaderi" meaning landing stages) from which it was possible to leave the castle on board small boats or golden bucentaurs.

Hotel Villa Regina

Hotel Villa Regina specializes in organizing conventions, meetings and conferences, besides a catering proposal from coffee break to buffet, from light to full meals. The three Congress Halls from 20 to 250 seats, are equipped with the best technological solutions: flipchart, overhead projector, slide projector, pen laser, video recorder, 28 inch color TV, microphon, WI-FI

Palazzo della Racchetta

The Palace, probably dates back to the 13th-century, is located on the heart of the medieval centre of Ferrara, the ideal place where organize meetings, conferences, workshops, exibithions and parties. The halls can accommodate from 60 to 220 seats. Thanks to restoration activities the halls still maintain a medieval atmosphere: the suitable place for art exhibitions and cultural events.

Il Camerone - Palazzo Scroffa

Among medieval alleys lies Palazzo Scroffa, a renaissance building completely restored, without losing its original beauty. Il Camerone overlooks the ancient garden, "a peaceful and colorful oasis in the middle of the city centre", available during spring and summer for lunches and refreshments. The great hall with vaulted ceiling offer the perfect place for cultural events, meetings, conferences and art exhibitions. The small hall is a comfortable lounge.


Locanda Ristorante Il Fagiano

The restaurant Il Fagiano is located in a restored old bar, surrounded by the delightful countryside of Ferrara, close to a splendid lake. The particular furnishing and the suggestive lighting contribute to create a full of charm enthralling atmosphere: a ideal place for each type of events, as meetings, conventions, conferences. It's possible accompany the event with a catering service also with traditionals gastronomic specialities.


Villa Borgatti

The 18th-century Villa is surrounded by a wide garden offering a magnificent scenery for conventions, conferences, meetings and each type of events. The halls have a capacity of 215 seats. Are organized also welcome cocktails, coffee break, brunches and gala dinners.


Villa Bottoni

The ancient Villa stands on the left bank of the river Po di Volano, between Ferrara and Adria Sea. The house, built in the 18th century, is decorated with friezes and other ornaments, sorrounded by the tranquillity of the garden.


Castello Estense della Mesola

The construction of the suggestive castle began in 1578, by the will of Duke Alfonso II, the last descendant of the Este's dinasty. The duke wanted to leave his mark by building a court residence, the "Delizia", which had to be more magnificent and larger than the older Castello Estense of Ferrara, the symbol of the Este domination. The halls of the castel, which conserving the witness of its past, are located at the first floor and host exhibitions, conferences, meetings and many other events.

Vigarano Mainarda

Hotel Antico Casale

The Hall can accommodate 50 seats. Are available a sound system with microphon, projector, flipchart, WI FI. The Hotel is willing to organize coffee break, lunches and dinners, with personalized menus at the nearby restaurant Spirito. The guests can relax at the agreed wellness centre, located at 50 meters from the hotel.

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