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Festival of the truffle of Bosco Panfilia

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The festival gives the opportunity to taste the prized white truffle and black truffle of excellent quality
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The traditional Truffle Festival at Sant'Agostino welcomes all the truffle lovers, with many dishes of the local tradition and delicious gourmet recipes.

The particular feature of this land is ideal for the growth of truffle: this precious bulb has been collected since the past centuries, and it has been always used for local cuisine.  There is a deep link between the community of Sant’Agostino, its surroundings, and local gastronomic tradition: since 2009, the town has also entered the National “Città del Tartufo” Association.

Info: +39 339 6812551 - +39 0532 845271 -


Ricreatorio Don Isidoro Ghedini - Via statale 144/c Sant’Agostino (FE)


August, 30th - September 10th 2018


From 7.30 pm.; Sundays at 12.00  and 7.30 pm


Sagra del Tartufo di Sant'Agostino - Viale Europa, 37
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