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Cycling, mountain biking

Along the Po di Volano: from Ferrara to Ostellato
Leaving historic Ferrara on long stretches of cycle path through various villages along the banks of what was once one of the main branches of the river Po...
Along the Po di Volano: from Ostellato to Pomposa Abbey
From Ostellato, the meeting place of many journeys and an agreeable centre for a visit to nature reserves...
Landscape of the great land reclamation: Ro-Copparo-Ostellato
This route follows a circuit of the geographical centre of the Province of Ferrara, connecting the great river Po, the northern limit of the province, and the Po di Volano.
Nature reserves on two wheels: from Ostellato to Argenta
From the Anse Vallive di Ostellato the route goes alongside the reclaimed land of the Mezzano, crosses the Bando Reserve and the Anse vallive di Porto and, after the Oasi Trava, reaches Argenta and its lagoons.
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