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Santa Giustina Wood - Po Delta Park

The forest is 4 km long, with a maximum width of 500 m. and a minimum of 100 m. The total surface is a bit more than 100 hectares.
Santa Giustina Wood -  Po Delta Park

The soil is originated partially from marine deposits, with the formation of sand dunes, and partially from clayey river sediment. The vegetation includes holm oaks, common oaks, ash trees and white hornbeams. The shrub layer includes phillyrea latifolia, privet, hawthorne, juniper, blackthorn, crab grass and alder buckthorn. Butcher's broom, wild asparagus and ivy are found in the underbrush. The forest is populated by numerous chaffinches, thrushes and ringdoves. The non-migratory birdlife is mainly represented by pheasants and blackbirds; mammals include hares, badgers and weasel.


Open all day.


Free entrance.

How to get here

By car: it extends from the town of Santa Giustina to the Po di Goro river. It is possible to reach it from the S. S. Romea n. 309 by taking via Biverare at the traffic-lights (turn right if you come from Ravenna, left if you come from Venezia). You can see it after about 1 km, on your left.
44° 54 55 N - 12° 16 20 E
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