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Torre Palù

This tower dates back to the 18th century and was built to ensure the Canal Bianco drained to the sea.
Torre Palù

It is one of the best-preserved waterworks buildings and features five visible semi-circular arches and a lower level sixth one with sluice gates that still work to this day. These sluice gates open and close automatically depending on water pressure. The two-storey building is made of brick and, as its name would suggest, it also played a defensive role as a watchtower. The pagoda style roof is made of wood. The banks of the Canal Bianco offer a spectacular view over the sandbanks and the mouth of the Po di Volano


How to get here

The tower is about 3 Km from the town of Goro. Take the main road towards Bosco Mesola, turn left and follow the banks of the Canal Bianco.

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