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Snails were very popular in the Ferrarese countrysde. They were eaten during the summer, from June to September.

Both Greeks and Romans used to cook snails: as Pliny the Young reported, they were sent to Rome from Sicily, Sardinia and North Africa.
The most important species in our area are Lumaca Ligure (Helix Aspersa) and Rigatella Nostrana (Helix Vermiculata); the last one is the "queen" on the Snail Festival at Casumaro, and it is very popular in the
Ferrarese cuisine.

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SNAIL FESTIVAL at Casumaro July-August, Info: 051 6843334
SNAIL FESTIVAL at Casumaro end of July, beginning of August, Info: 349 4115389.
LUMACA IN TAVOLA at Casumaro October. Info: 051 6848143

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