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Ferrara's bread - IGP

The typical bread of Ferrara has recently received from the EU the I.G.P mark (Protected Geographical Identification).
Ferrara's bread - IGP

Its origins are rooted in history. Before the 12th century bread in Ferrara had the classical shape of a bun. The "Statuta Ferrariae" , dating from the year 1287 stated strict rules for the preparation of bread. But the "twisted" or "twined" bread, the ancestor of today’s coppia appeared only in 1536 during a dinner party offered by Messer Giglio in honour of the Duke of Ferrara. But still in 1694 the famous scholar and historian Antonio Frizzi spoke in one of his works of the refined baking art in Ferrara, but made reference to different types of flours and shapes, which had already abandoned the boring bun in favour of an outstanding elegance. The famous coppia (in dialect "ciupeta") of Ferrara has a central body called knot or ribbon with two twisted pointed breadsticks attached. Either crusty or soft, with or without olive oil, the bread of Ferrara is a great pride for Italian gastronomy. Its secret is to be found in the quality of the water and the ingredients, as well as the air humidity, the manufacturing and leavening method and the correct temperature of the oven. The specialities of Ferrara, and the coppia above all, have met with great success in international gastronomic events where the "masters of the white art" have prepared the famous coppia right under the eyes of their enthusiastic public. Tourists walking by a bakery in Ferrara cannot resist the tempting smell of bread fresh from the oven penetrating the air.
The writer Riccardo Bacchelli wrote: "This is the best bread in the world".

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PANAREA THE FESTIVAL OF THE BREAD at Bondeno in October. Info: 0532 899245 - 348 7386010.

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