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Main Tourist Information Office of Ferrara

The Tourist Information Office reopens to the public from Saturday, June 6th.
Main Tourist Information Office of Ferrara

The IAT Tourist Office is in the historic centre of Ferrara, at the Estense Castle, heart of the city. Located on the ground floor, the office opens onto the courtyard of that splendid building.
The entrance can easily be recognised by the international sign for information.

The reservation service and the commercialization of tourist services is developed at the Information Office (Ferrara IAT) by the same Company which has been entrusted the information and welcome services by the Comune di Ferrara.


Weekdays: 9.00-18.00. Sundays and and holidays: 9.30-17.30. Closed December 25th. January 1st open 10.30-17.30.

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