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Ferrara in Jazz


From October to April the Torrione San Giovanni, a splendid round tower along the Renaissance city walls, becomes a venue for jazz lovers
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Since 1999, the Jazz Club is hosted by the beautiful Torrione di San Giovanni, which is a part of the city walls. There, it is possible to enjoy about 70 concerts, from September to late April.

Many important characters of the international jazz panorama have played there, making one of the best European jazz clubs out of it.
Many collaborations have been organized in the last few years: with Ferrara Musica, Ferrara Arte, Conservatorio G. Frescobaldi, Memorial Mirto Govoni, Crossroads - Jazz e altro in Emilia-Romagna and Bologna Jazz Festival.

On stage the major interpreters on the national and international scene give this place the typical atmosphere of the classic jazz clubs.


Saturday January 22nd, 9.00 pm
Harry Allen - Martin Sasse Quartet Harry Allen, tenor sax - Martin Sasse, piano - Aldo Zunino, double bass - Bernd Reiter, drums

Sunday January 23rd, 9.00 pm
Orchestra Creativa dell’Emilia-Romagna & Maurizio Lacavalla
In collaboration with Akamu Music Productions
Fabrizio Puglisi, piano, keyboards and direction - Valeria Sturba, theremin, voice, violin and electronics - Vincenzo Vasi, theremin, voice, electric bass and electronics - Olivia Bignardi, clarinets - Achille Succi, alto sax and clarinet - Tobia Bondesan, saxophones - Edoardo Marraffa, saxophones - Francesco Guerri, cello - Filippo Cassanelli, double bass - Andrea Grillini, drums - with the special participation of Maurizio Lacavalla, visuals

Friday January 28th, 9.30 pm
Valeria Sturba, theremin, voice, violin and electronics - Vincenzo Vasi, theremin, voice, electric bass and electronics

Saturday January 29th, 9.00 pm
Zanchini-Salis Duo Liberi! Antonello Salis, accordion and piano - Simone Zanchini, accordion and electronics

Sunday January 30th, 9.00 pm
Danilo Lico 'Per me o per te' Danilo Lico, voice, guitar, harmonizer and electric bass - Matteo Scarcella, guitar - Antonio Freno, piano and synth - Stefano Dallaporta, double bass and electric bass - Dino Cavarello, drums


Jazz Club Ferrara - Torrione San Giovanni - Via Rampari di Belfiore, 167 - nei dispositivi GPS impostare indirizzo: Corso Porta Mare, 112) Ferrara


January 2022


Ferrara Jazz Club is linked to Endas association: it is necessary to own a guest pass, in order to enter the club. It is possible to get a guest pass before the events.


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