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Ferrara in Jazz


From October to April the Torrione San Giovanni, a splendid round tower along the Renaissance city walls, becomes a venue for jazz lovers
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Since 1999, the Jazz Club is hosted by the beautiful Torrione di San Giovanni, which is a part of the city walls. There, it is possible to enjoy about 70 concerts, from September to late April.

Many important characters of the international jazz panorama have played there, making one of the best European jazz clubs out of it.
Many collaborations have been organized in the last few years: with Ferrara Musica, Ferrara Arte, Conservatorio G. Frescobaldi, Memorial Mirto Govoni, Crossroads - Jazz e altro in Emilia-Romagna and Bologna Jazz Festival.

Every Monday, Friday and Saturday evening the major interpreters on the national and international scene give this place the typical atmosphere of the classic jazz clubs.


October, 2nd, 9 PM
Carlo Atti Quartet ‘Four For Steve’
Carlo Atti, saxophone; Nico Menci, piano; Stefano Senni, double bass; Max Chiarella, drums
October, 3rd – 9 PM and 10.30 PM
Mirabassi - Zanchini Duo
Gabriele Mirabassi, clarinet; Simone Zanchini, accordion
October 9th, 9 PM
Sandro Gibellini Swing Machine feat. Silvia Donati
Silvia Donati, voice; Sandro Gibellini, chitarra; Martino De Franceschi, double bass; Francesco Casale, drums
October, 10th, 9 PM and 10.30 PM
Rosario Giuliani Quartet
Rosario Giuliani, saxophones
Pietro Lussu, piano; Ameen Saleem, double bass and electric bass; Roberto Gatto, drums
October, 16th, 9 PM
Piero Bittolo Bon Bread & Fox
Filippo Vignato - trombone; Glauco Benedetti - tuba; Piero Bittolo Bon – saxophone, clarinets and flutes; Alfonso Santimone - piano; Andrea Grillini - drums
October, 17th, 9 PM and 10.30 PM
Tinissima Quartet “Zorro”
Francesco Bearzatti, saxophone and clarinet
Giovanni Falzone, trumpet; Danilo Gallo, electric  bass; Zeno De Rossi, drums
October, 23rd, 9 PM
Rope ‘In the Moment - The Music of Charlie Haden’
Fabrizio Puglisi, piano; Stefano Senni, double bass; Zeno De Rossi, drums
October, 24th, 9.00 PM and 10.30 PM
Gianluca Petrella Cosmic Renaissance
Gianluca Petrella, trumpet; Mirco Rubegni, trumpet; Blake C. S. Franchetto, electric bass; Federico Scettri, drums; Simone Padovani, percussions
October, 30th, 9 PM
Nuovo Imaie Contest
Mirko Cisilino “Effetto Carsico”
Mirko Cisilino, trumpet; Filippo Orefice, saxophone; Beppe Scardino, saxophone; Marzio Tomada, electric bass; Marco D'Orlando, drums
October, 31st, 9 PM and 10.30 PM
In collaboration with Bologna Jazz Festival
Ghiglioni - Léandre - Schiaffini
Tiziana Ghiglioni, voice; Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone; Joëlle Léandre, double bass
November, 6th, 9 PM
In collaboration with Violipiano Music
Bologna Jazz Festival and BilBOlBul
Bearzatti - Casagrande ‘Paz In Jazz’
Francesco Bearzatti, saxophone and clarinet; Francesco Casagrande, guitars
November, 7th, 9 PM and 10.30 PM
In collaboration with  Bologna Jazz Festival
Antonio Faraò Trio
Antonio Faraò, piano; Ameen Saleem, double bass; Bruce Ditmas, drums
November, 13th, 9 PM
Francesco Cusa & The Assassins + FCT
Giovanni Benvenuti - saxophone; Valeria Sturba - voice, theremin and violin; Pier Marco Turchetti - piano; Ferdinando Romano – double bass; Francesco Cusa - drums
November, 14th, 9 PM and 10.30 PM
In collaborazione con Bologna Jazz Festival
Fabrizio Bosso – Julian Oliver Mazzariello Tandem
Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet and flichorn; Julian Oliver Mazzariello, piano
November, 20th, 9 PM
Nuovo Imaie Contest
Marco Bardoscia Trio The Future Is A Tree
William Greco, piano; Marco Bardoscia, double bass; Dario Congedo, double bass
November, 21st,  9 PM and 10.30 PM
Jim Black AlasNoAxis
Chris Speed, saxophone and clarinet; Hilmar Jensson, guitar
Skúli Sverrisson, electric bass
Jim Black, drums
November, 27th, 9 PM
Alfio Antico “Trema la Terra”
Alfio Antico - voice, drums, bells and tales
Mattia Antico - chords, electronics; Piero Bittolo Bon - woodwinds, bass and electronics; Luca Chiari – guitars and keyboards
December, 4th, 9 PM
In collaboration with 7 Virtual Jazz Club
Simon Moullier Trio
Simon Moullier, vibraphone; Luca Alemanno, double bass; TBA, drums
December, 7th, 9 PM and 10.30 PM
Seamus Blake Trio
Seamus Blake, saxophone; Dario Deidda, electric bass; Greg Hutchinson, drums
December, 11th, 9 PM
In collaboration with Piacenza Jazz
Duck Juice
Lorenzo Manfredini, trombone; Luca Chiari, electric guitar; Lorenzo Locorotondo, drums; Federico Perinelli, electric bass; Andrea Grillini, drums
December, 18th, 9 PM
Nuovo Imaie Contest
Don Karate
Pasquale Mirra, vibraphone; Francesco Ponticelli, bass and electronics; Stefano Tamborrino, drums and electronics


Jazz Club Ferrara - Torrione San Giovanni - Via Rampari di Belfiore, 167 - nei dispositivi GPS impostare indirizzo: Corso Porta Mare, 112) Ferrara


October, 2nd, 2020 – May 2021


Concerts  at  9.00 pm and at 10.30 pm


Single concert - Full price: From 10 to 15 euro
Red. from 5 to 10 euro.

both concerts - Full price: From 15 to 25 euro
Red. from 10 to 20 euro.

Ferrara Jazz Club is linked to Endas association: it is necessary to own a guest pass, in order to enter the club. It is possible to get a guest pass before the events.


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