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Ferrara in Jazz


From October to April the Torrione San Giovanni, a splendid round tower along the Renaissance city walls, becomes a venue for jazz lovers
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Since 1999, the Jazz Club is hosted by the beautiful Torrione di San Giovanni, which is a part of the city walls. There, it is possible to enjoy about 70 concerts, from September to late April.

Many important characters of the international jazz panorama have played there, making one of the best European jazz clubs out of it.
Many collaborations have been organized in the last few years: with Ferrara Musica, Ferrara Arte, Conservatorio G. Frescobaldi, Memorial Mirto Govoni, Crossroads - Jazz e altro in Emilia-Romagna and Bologna Jazz Festival.

On stage the major interpreters on the national and international scene give this place the typical atmosphere of the classic jazz clubs.


Friday October 20th, 9.30pm
Fresh & Bold
Freedom Now Trio
Special Guests Achille Succi & Daniele Santimone
Fabrizio Puglisi, piano; Stefano Senni, double bass; Alessandro Paternesi, drums; Achille Succi, alto sax and bass clarinet; Daniele Santimone, guitar

Saturday October 21st, 9.15pm
Dany Noel Confluence Trio
Bill O'Connell, piano; Dany Noel, vocals, double bass and electric bass; Alessandro Napolitano, drums

Sunday October 22nd, 9.00 pm
In collaboration with Akamu Music Productions
OCER goes to Guantanamo
Pasquale Mirra, vibraphone; Luca Valenza, marimba; Tobia Bondesan, alto and soprano sax; Achille Succi, bass clarinet and alto sax; Matteo Scarcella, tenor sax and flute; Dimitri Grechi Espinoza, tenor sax; Tommaso Miranda, baritone sax; Fabrizio Puglisi, piano and synthesizer; Filippo Cassanelli, double bass; Davide Lanzarini, double bass; Danilo Mineo, percussion; Gaetano Alfonsi, drums

Friday October 27th, 9.30pm
Fresh & Bold
Simone La Maida Trio; Gabriele Evangelista, double bass; Alessandro Paternesi, drums

Saturday October 28th, 9.15pm
Steph Richards Power Vibe
Steph Richards, trumpet and flugelhorn; Joshua White, piano; Stomu Takeishi, electric bass; Max Jaffe, drums

Sunday October 29th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Silvia Valtieri Trio - Homage to Dave Frishberg
Silvia Valtieri, piano and voice; Nicola Govoni, double bass; Giacomo Ganzerli, drums

Tuesday October 31st, 9.15pm
Big Trio
Will Vinson, alto sax and electric piano; Gilad Hekselman, guitar and electric bass; Nate Wood, drums and bass

Wednesday November 1st, 9.15pm
Jim Snidero Quartet
Jim Snidero, alto sax; Bruno Montrone, piano; Paolo Benedettini, double bass; Rick Hollander, drums

Friday November 3rd, 9.30pm
Fresh & Bold
Big Band of the Conservatory “G. Frescobaldi” of Ferrara
feat. Pasquale Paterra, Federico Pierantoni, Stefano Melloni, Pasquale Morgante, Guido Querci
Roberto Manuzzi, direction and arrangements
Pasquale Paterra, trumpet; Federico Pierantoni, trombone; Stefano Melloni, tenor sax and clarinet; Pasquale Morgante, piano; Guido Querci, percussion with the participation of the students of the “G. Frescobaldi” of Ferrara

Saturday November 4th, 9.15pm
Bill Carrothers Piano Solo
Bill Carrothers, piano

Sunday November 5th, 9.15pm
The Bad Plus
Chris Speed, tenor sax and clarinet; Ben Monder, guitar; Reid Anderson, double bass; Dave King, drums

Friday November 10th, 9.15pm
Joey Calderazzo Quartet feat. Miguel Zenón
Miguel Zenon, alto sax; Joey Calderazzo, piano; Orlando Le Fleming, double bass; Donald Edwards, drums

Saturday November 11th, 9.15pm
Arbenz X Krijger / Osby
Greg Osby, alto sax; Arno Krijger, organ; Florian Arbenz, drums and percussion

Sunday November 12th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Luca Perciballi Sacred Habits
Luca Perciballi, guitar, electronics, foot percussion, prepared speakers and objects

Wednesday November 15th, 9.15pm
Mark Guiliana Quartet
Jason Rigby, tenor sax; David Cook piano; Alan Hampton, double bass; Mark Guiliana, drums

Friday November 17th, 9.15pm
Eric Alexander-Vincent Herring The Battle
Special Guest: Mike Le Donne
Vincent Herring, alto sax; Eric Alexander, tenor sax; Mike Le Donne, piano; Giorgos Antoniou, double bass; Xaver Hellmeier, drums

Saturday November 18th, 9.15pm
Fabrizio Bosso We Wonder
Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet; Julian Oliver Mazzariello, piano; Jacopo Ferrazza, double bass; Nicola Angelucci, drums

Sunday November 19th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra
Piero Bittolo Bon, direction
Alfonso Satimone, direction and management

Friday November 24th, 9.30pm
Max Puglia Hinterland
Guest: Vito Ranucci
Max Puglia, guitar; Vito Ranucci, soprano sax and vocoder; Mario Mazzaro, double bass and electric bass; Luigi Borgogno, electronics and drum machines

Saturday November 25th, 9.15pm
Sullivan Fortner Piano Solo
Sullivan Fortner, piano

Sunday November 26th, 9pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
The grace of the formless
Giulia Barba, saxophones and bass clarinet, electronics
Marta Raviglia, voice
lyrics by Virginia Farina

Friday December 1st, 9.30pm
Simone Alessandrini Storytellers
Mania Hotel
Simone Alessandrini, alto sax; Antonello Sorrentino, trumpet; Federico Pascucci, tenor sax; Giacomo Ancillotto, guitar; Riccardo Gola, double bass; Riccardo Gambatesa, drums

Saturday December 2nd, 9.15pm
Alessandro Presti Quintet
Alessandro Presti, trumpet; Daniele Tittarelli, alto sax; Alessandro Lanzoni, piano; Gabriele Evangelista, double bass; Enrico Morello, drums

Sunday December 3rd, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Elide Sulsenti
Terrestrial Places, Celestial Places
Elide Sulsenti, cello

Thursday December 7th, 9.15pm
Vadim Neselovskyi Odesa
Vadim Neselovskyi, piano

Friday December 8th, 9.30pm
Francesca Tandoi Trio
Francesca Tandoi, voice and piano; Stefano Senni, double bass; Andrea Grillini, drums

Saturday December 9th, 9.15pm
Roberto Gatto Lifetime
The music of Tony Williams
Marcello Alulli, tenor sax; Alfonso Santimone, piano, keyboards and electronics; Umberto Fiorentino, guitar; Pierpaolo Ranieri, electric bass; Roberto Gatto, drums

Sunday December 10th, 9.00 pm
Ensemble snapshot
Francesco Checchini, flute; Gian Maria Matteucci, clarinet; Alma Napolitano, violin; Pietro Fabris, violin; Elizabeth Reolid Felipe, viola; Elide Sulsenti, cello; Denis Zardi, piano; Stefano Forlani, percussion; Tommaso Ussardi, direction; Marco Mangani, voice

Friday December 15th, 9.30pm
Marco Frattini Trio
“Empty Music“
Claudio Vignali, piano; Gabriele Evangelista, double bass; Marco Frattini, drums and percussion

Saturday December 16th, 9.15pm
Alexander Hawkins Trio
Alexander Hawkins, piano; Neil Charles, double bass; Stephen Davis, drums

Sunday December 17th, 9.00 pm
[Serico-Tonale] edited by Istantanea
Snapshot [2]
Alma Schili Napolitano, violin; Antonio Macaretti, accordion

Friday December 22nd, 9.30pm
As Madalenas
Cristina Renzetti, vocals, guitar and percussion
Tati Valle, vocals, guitar and percussion

Saturday December 23rd, 9.30pm
Daniella Firpo, vocals; Daniele Santimone, guitar and vocals; Nelide Bandello, double bass; Roberto “Red” Rossi, drums, percussion and vocals.


Jazz Club Ferrara - Torrione San Giovanni - Via Rampari di Belfiore, 167 - nei dispositivi GPS impostare indirizzo: Corso Porta Mare, 112) Ferrara


Until December 2023


Ferrara Jazz Club is linked to Endas association: it is necessary to own a guest pass, in order to enter the club. It is possible to get a guest pass before the events.


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