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Ferrara in Jazz


From October to April the Torrione San Giovanni, a splendid round tower along the Renaissance city walls, becomes a venue for jazz lovers
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Since 1999, the Jazz Club is hosted by the beautiful Torrione di San Giovanni, which is a part of the city walls. There, it is possible to enjoy about 70 concerts, from September to late April.

Many important characters of the international jazz panorama have played there, making one of the best European jazz clubs out of it.
Many collaborations have been organized in the last few years: with Ferrara Musica, Ferrara Arte, Conservatorio G. Frescobaldi, Memorial Mirto Govoni, Crossroads - Jazz e altro in Emilia-Romagna and Bologna Jazz Festival.

On stage the major interpreters on the national and international scene give this place the typical atmosphere of the classic jazz clubs.


Wednesday 12 October 12th, 9.00 pm
João Bosco Solo
João Bosco, guitar and voice

Friday October 14th, 9.30 pm
Yatra-ta Ensemble
Erika Corradi, Tatiana Rocha, Stefano Asioli, vocals; Matteo Scarcella, flute and tenor sax; Simone Marcandalli, Simone Ielardi, Chakir Akram, guitar; Marcello Conti, Angelica Foschi, piano; Giovanni Pederzini, electric bass; Raffaele Guandalini, double bass; Fabrizio De Gregorio, drums; Roberto Manuzzi, arrangements
+ The usual unknowns
Danilo Lico, voice; Ambra Bianchi, Lucia Paccamiccio, flute; Daniele Rocchetta, bass flute; Vito Favara, Marco Paganucci, piano; Raffaele Guandalini, double bass; Antonio Coco, vibraphone and drums; Stefano Guarisco, drums; Roberto Manuzzi and Vito Favara, arrangements

Saturday October 15th, 9.00 pm
Alex Sipiagin Quartet feat. Rosario Giuliani
Alex Sipiagin, trumpet; Rosario Giuliani, saxophones; Makar Novikov, double bass; Sasha Mashin, drums

Sunday 16 October 16th, 9.00 pm
[un] code Pilia / Franchellucci Duo
Giuseppe Franchellucci, cello and effects; Stefano Pilia, guitar and electronics

Friday October 21st, 9.30 pm
Tiny Music
Marta Raviglia, voice; Gabriele Evangelista, double bass
+ Quartet Z
Featuring Marta Raviglia and Gabriele Evangelista
Stefano Melloni, saxophones, clarinets and flutes; Pasquale Morgante, piano; Stefano Peretto, drums

Saturday October 22nd, 9.00 pm
Mary Halvorson, guitar; Michael Formanek, double bass; Thomas Fujiwara, drums

Sunday October 23rd, 9.30 pm
In collaboration with Istantanea
[un] code Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra

Friday October 28th, 9.30 pm
Christopher Culpo Quartet
Achille Succi, alto sax and bass clarinet; Christopher Culpo, piano; Gabriele Evangelista, double bass; Alessandro Paternesi, drums

Saturday October 29th, 9.00 pm
Robin Verheyen, saxophones; Bram De Looze, piano; Joey Baron, drums

Sunday October 30th, 9.00 pm
In collaboration with Istantanea
[a] code Zobibor
Francesco Bucci, trombone, tuba and electronics

Friday November 4th, 9.00 pm
Joel Ross Good Vibes
Joel Ross, vibes; Jeremy Corren, piano; Kanoa Mendenhall, double bass; Joe Dyson Jr., drums

Saturday November 5th, 9.00 pm
Mark Turner Quartet Return From The Stars
Jason Palmer, trumpet; Mark Turner, tenor sax; Joe Martin, double bass; Jonathan Pinson, drums

Sunday November 6th, 9.00 pm
In collaboration with Istantanea
[de] code Silvia Mandolini - Music for solo violin
Silvia Mandolini, violin

Friday November 11th, 9.00 pm
Aaron Parks & Little Big
Aaron Parks, piano and keyboards; Greg Tuohey, guitar; Chris Morrissey, electric bass and double bass; Josh Dion, drums

Saturday November 12th, 9.00 pm
Hays - Street - Hart All Things Are
Kevin Hays, piano; Ben Street, double bass; Billy Hart, drums

Sunday November 13th, 9.00 pm
In collaboration with Istantanea
[en] code Pepe Medri and Small Timbuktu Orkestra
Pepe Medri, diatonic accordion, bandoneon; Giancarlo Bianchetti, guitar, percussion; Dimitri Sillato, piano, violin, whistle

Friday November 18th, 9.00 pm
Rosario Giuliani - Fabrizio Bosso Connection
Fabrizio Bosso, trumpet; Rosario Giuliani, saxophones; Alberto Gurrisi, organ; Marco Valeri, drums

Saturday November 19th, 9.00 pm
Edmar Castaneda & Grégoire Maret Harp vs. Harp
Grégoire Maret, chromatic harmonica; Edmar Castaneda, electric harp
Sunday November 20th, 9.30 pm
Vernissage exhibition and presentation of the volume "Mingus" Ed. Coconino Press 
with the author Flavio Massarutto and the illustrator Squaz
+ In collaboration with Istantanea
[un] code Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra

Friday November 25th, 9.30 pm
Ariel Bart In Between
Ariel Bart, harmonica; Moshe Elmakias, piano; Mayu Shviro, cello; David Michaeli, double bass; Amir Bar Akiva, drums

Saturday November 26th, 9.00 pm
Passport feat. Joe Chambers
Pietro Tonolo, saxophones; Marc Abrams, double bass; Joe Chambers, vibes and drums; Jorge Rossi, vibraphone and drums

Sunday 27 November 27th, 9.00 pm
In collaboration with Istantanea
[en] code Interferences
Denis Zardi, piano

Friday December 2nd, 9.30 pm
Luca Perciballi Organic Gestures Trio
Luca Perciballi, guitar; Andrea Grossi, double bass; Andrea Grillini, drums

Saturday December 3rd, 9.00 pm
Roberto Gatto Quartet
Alessandro Presti, trumpet; Alessandro Lanzoni, piano; Matteo Bortone, double bass; Roberto Gatto, drums

Sunday December 4th, 9.00 pm
In collaboration with Istantanea
[a] code Lìmen Apràxias
Daniele D'Alessandro, clarinet; Alfonso Santimone, piano

Wednesday December 7th, 9.00 pm
Nduduzo Makhathini Quartet
Logan Richardson, alto sax; Nduduzo Makhathini, piano and voice; Zwelakhe Duma, double bass; Nasheet Waits, battery

Friday December 9th, 9.30 pm
Giulia Barba Sonoro
Giulia Barba, bass clarinet; Daniele D'Alessandro, clarinet; Marta Raviglia, voice; Andrea Rellini, cello

Saturday December 10th, 9.00 pm
Pablo Held Trio
Pablo Held, piano; Robert Landfermann, double bass; Jonas Burgwinkel, drums

Sunday December 11th, 9.00 pm
In collaboration with Istantanea
[de] code Snapshot [7]
Tommaso Ussardi, direction; Alessandro Lo Giudice, flute; Daniele D'Alessandro, clarinet; Alma Napolitano, violin; Pietro Fabris, violin, viola; Enrico Mignani, cello; Francesco Ricci, piano

Friday December 16th, 9.30 pm
In collaboration with 7 Virtual Jazz Club
Misha Mullov-Abbado Group
James Davison, trumpet; Matthew Herd, alto sax; Sam Rapley, tenor sax; Liam Dunachie, piano; Misha Mullov-Abbado, double bass; Scott Chapman, drums

Saturday December 17th, 9.00 pm
Dave Kikoski Trio
Dave Kikoski, piano; Darryl Hall, double bass; Jason Brown, drums
Sunday December 18th, 9.00 pm
In collaboration with Istantanea
[un] code Tower Jazz Composers Orchestra

Monday December 19th, 9.00 pm
Christmas Concert
Rebecca Martin & Larry Grenadier
Rebecca Martin, voice; Larry Grenadier, double bass


Jazz Club Ferrara - Torrione San Giovanni - Via Rampari di Belfiore, 167 - nei dispositivi GPS impostare indirizzo: Corso Porta Mare, 112) Ferrara


October/December 2022


Ferrara Jazz Club is linked to Endas association: it is necessary to own a guest pass, in order to enter the club. It is possible to get a guest pass before the events.


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