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Porporana wood

The reserve extends for 12 hectares near Porporana and is part of the Po riverside environment.
Porporana wood
Poplars grow in this area, which is divided into two parts: "Bosco Vecchio" (Old wood), on the highest terrace on the flood plain, and "Bosco Nuovo" (New wood), with its black poplars and willows. A great variety of animals lives in the Wood.
The wood and the flood plain are nowadays used for didactic tourism. Every year, in june, it is possible to admire glow-worms in the wood, during the night event "Le Lucciole nel bosco".



Open all day.

All year round.


Free entrance


Porporana - Via Martelli, 300 Ex Scuole Elementari di Porporana

How to get here

By car: from Ferrara head towards Casaglia, then carry on towards Ravalle and from there Porporana. There you climb onto the embankment and head to the right to the woods.
By bicycle: from Ferrara along the cycling tourism route Burana's great loop of water: Ferrara-Bondeno-Destra Po , following the Greenway FE203 and after taking the Destra Po in Bondeno direction.

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