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Exclusive tours navigating the Valli di Comacchio aboard a historic boat, a local, flat-bottom vessel, from which the silence is only interrupted by the flow of the water and the song of water birds.

You will live a unique and exciting experience, exploring small dunes, sandbanks, narrow canals and ancient huts and discovering first hand the history and traditions of this territory.


Hidden corners between land and water, between valley and sea. Precious glimpses not to be missed. Explore the magic of the colours of a territory that will appear as new seen from a totally unusual perspective


A relaxing and fascinating experience, discovering enchanted places


Water and land have strong, natural and recognisable smells. Enjoy the clean air of the pristine places you will pass through.

For 2 pax € 150,00 excursion
Aperitif on request € 30,00 for 2 Persons

The service is by reservation only.
+39 0533 81302 - 346 5926555 - -

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