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Music in the salina Until Aug 27, 2021
Music at the museum Until Aug 19, 2021
Ferrara International Piano Festival Until Jul 09, 2021
Ferrara International Piano Festival is a series of concerts open to visitors and master classes open to students of all nationalities.
Un fiume di musica Until Sep 09, 2021
Live music along the river on Summer nights
Prove in Massa live On Jun 25, 2021
Live music
Casanova Venice Ensemble On Aug 04, 2021
Live music
Ferrara Summer Festival Until Jul 26, 2021
Humanism is the theme of the Ferrara Summer Festival 2021: feelings, emotions and values in the songs of the Italian musical culture.
Ariane Salimata Diakité - Masterclass on Black Music and Concert Until Jun 25, 2021
Concerts in the Salt Flat Until Aug 20, 2021
The accordion’s night Until Jul 02, 2021
The HBH live, the best successes of the 30s and 80s Until Aug 13, 2021
Live music
Sisters & Friends in concert On Aug 17, 2021
Live Music
Un mondo d’amore - Tribute band Gianni Morandi On Jul 31, 2021
Live music
Municipal School of Music’s Year-End Show Until Jun 24, 2021
Live Music
DJ Set with Roberto Stoppa Until Aug 26, 2021
Dance music
Musica al Museo Until Aug 19, 2021
Live music
Musica all'Arena di Palazzo Bellini Until Aug 27, 2021
Live music
Barry Mason dj set Until Aug 27, 2021
Dj set
Night and Blues 2021 Until Jul 25, 2021
New edition of NIGHT & BLUES
Ferrara sotto le stelle - Green 2021 Until Jul 04, 2021
Ferrara sotto le Stelle is renown as one of the most qualified summer festival in Italy, with prestigious names and talented young artists.
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