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Villas, historical residences and theatres


Palazzo Patrignani

Patrignani Town House as one can see probably dates back to the 1800s.


Villa della Mensa

This is a monumental complex of great importance, where the bishops of Ferrara stayed until the period of the Napoleonic suppression (1797).

Town Hall

The "sumptuous palace" of Copparo which was commissioned by Ercole II d'Este in order to offer his court a pleasant place in which living was built around 1540-1547 probably by architect Terzo dei Terzi.


Delizia Estense del Verginese

In the small village of Gambulaga, set in the green countryside, stands this quaint Estense turreted villa, which, due to its small size, looks like a sort of miniature castle.


Palazzo Pio di Tresigallo

Renown for its Rationalistic architecture, Tresigallo is also home of a XVI Century Palace, probably built as a hunting reserve

Vigarano Mainarda

Delizia Estense della Diamantina

A tower was built here in the 7th century on the site of previous Roman settlement and later, during the land reclamation project carried out by Borso d'Este at Polesine di Casaglia, the main building of the Diamantina was built around it.


Delizia di Belriguardo

Built in 1435, the Delizia del Belriguardo was the first to be built outside the walls of Ferrara. It was one of the largest and most sumptuous stately homes of the Renaissance period, so much so that it was dubbed "The Versailles of the Estensi".

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