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Gardens and historical parks


The Duchesses’ Garden

The Duke’s Garden, also known as “Duchesses’ Garden”, has been organized between 1473 and 1481, after the transformations of Palazzo Ducale, which has been partially rebuilt by the will of Duke Ercole I of Este.

Urban Park G. Bassani

The territory of Barco is located between the city and the river Po. It was one of the Este's game reserves, related to the famous "Delizia di Belfiore", within the walls of the city, and so devoted to the entertainment and amusement of a refined and cultivated court.

Parco Massari

The park takes its name from the adjoining palace, which was built at the end of the XVIth. century, and which has the biggest public gardens within the city walls, covering an area of about 4 hectares.

Parco Pareschi

This was originally the garden of the Estense Palace, said to be of St. Francis, which was built in the second half of the XVth Century by Pietro Benvenuto of the Francescan Order, and then continued by Biagio Rossetti.

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