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Ports and docks

44°40.57' N – 12°15.02' E

Porto Garibaldi, originally a fishing village, and then a little town grown up around the port, was the first beach resort on this coast. Still today its tourist port is one of the busiest in the province. There are regular Boat Trips: spend a day on these substantial and welcoming vessels in the company of guides who are experts in the most impressive river delta in Italy, searching out its most atmospheric corners. 
Another way to experience the sea at any time of year is to go Sport Fishing in the teeming waters of the Adriatic. Trips are available by day or by night.
The port is also the end of a long canal that runs inland as far as Ferrara.
Technical Details and Facilities:  Hours: always open. Seabed: sand, mud. Depth: 2.5-4m at the quays. Capacity: around 180 boats. Maximum length:around 20 m. Radio: VHF channel 16 (continuous) & 14. Winds: Tramontana, Greco and Scirocco. Shelter: winds from quadrants III and IV. Services: water, weather forecasts, restaurant, washrooms & toilets, clubhouse. Diesel pump at the north side on entering the port. Hose points. Quay lighting. Slipway. Fixed crane for up to 3.5 tonnes. 2 mobile cranes or up to 16 tonnes. Boat storage under cover and outdoors. Motor repairs. Boat repair in wood, fibreglass and steel. Fire service. Refuse Collection. Ice sales. Car parking. Public telephone.

Via Caduti del Mare
Telephone: 0533-327141

44°40.50' N – 12°14.10' E

Access from Porto Garibaldi

The tourist marina “Marina degli Estensi” is part of the Porto Garibaldi port complex; it has a surface area of 33,000 sq.m and is equipped with floating piers with finger and pylon moorings. From Porto Garibaldi you enter the marina through the Canale delle Vene (4m deep), which is found on the south quay, near the commercial marina, around 700m from the port entrance.

Technical details and facilities:  Open: continuous. Seabed: sandy. Depth: 3-4 m. Moorings: 300. Maximum length: 25 m. Radio: VHF channel 16-09.Winds: Tramontana, Greco and Scirocco. Shelter: winds from quadrants III and IV. Services: water, light, weather forecasts (May-September), WC and showers. Petrol & Diesel pumps on the left side of the access canal.  Quay lighting. Slipways. Travel lift 50 tonnes. Open-air boat storage. Motor repairs. Electrical & electronic repairs. Boat repair in wood, fibreglass and steel. Sail repairs. Mooring Assistance. Divers. Fire service. Refuse collection. Car parking. 24 hour security.

Telephone: +390533-328428

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