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A trip in the Delta by motorboat

The Delta welcomes its guests in tranquillity: under your keel the water flows gently, with its incandescent colours which can change rapidly with the reflected light.

Along the canals of Comacchio

Download the route in Comacchio, the capital of the Po Delta Park...


The Ferrarese lands, the scene of a constant contest between land and water, forged with the hard and dogged work of its people, has lent itself to Italian Cinema as an environment for dramatic stories, tormented lives, intense passions.

Excursion by motorboat in the Valli di Comacchio

Excursion by motorboat in the Valli di Comacchio

Excursion by motorboat in the Valli di Comacchio

DEPARTURE FROM COMACCHIO - STAZIONE FOCE A boat trip on the calm waters of the lagoons, where the salt water of the sea and the fresh water ofthe river is intermixed, is a truly unforgettable experience.

Excursions by boat in the Comacchio Lagoons

Boat excursion on the Lagoon with a stop at the traditional “casoni”

From Chioggia to Ferrara and Ravenna

A route down the northern Adriatic Coast between the natural wonders of the Po Delta Park and the cultural cities of Ferrara and Ravenna, passing Chioggia, Comacchio, Cervia and Mesola.

From the sea to the Comacchio lagoons

The itinerary begins at Lido degli Estensi, near the ferry from Porto Garibaldi (which allows bikes on board).

The Lagoons of the Po Delta Park: from Argenta to Comacchio

This journey links two of the most important natural zones in the whole province of Ferrara, the freshwater lagoons of Argenta and the saltwater ones of Comacchio.

The Park and the Sea: Mesola-Lidi di Comacchio-Comacchio

A journey of many destinations: art, woodlands, nature, seaside, which visits the most significant places in the Ferrarese part of the Po Delta Park.

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