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Ancient Hospital for the Infirm

The stately old Hospital for the Sick can be found in Via Agatopisto, the pen name of the Arcadian poet Appiano Buonafede (1716- 1793).
Ancient Hospital for the Infirm

It was designed in a neoclassical style in 1771 by the architect Antonio Foschini from Ferrara (1741- 1813), while the rear of the building was designed by Gaetano Genta (1750-1837) and building work was completed in 1784. This hospital is valuable proof of the Pontiff's reformism with great sacrifice by the Comacchiese community during the second half of the 1700s. The fine front can be placed in an urban context with the same value of a cathedral. A big collonnade entrance hall supports a classic style gable where on each side two elegant bell towers are designed in a soft baroque style. On the right side is the small Church of St Peter and on the left a Chemist's shop. Inside the hospital is an elegant great staircase liding to the first floor and the vast halls for admissions. These halls were bright and airy following the enlightenment medical theories of the time.


Comacchio - Via Agatopisto
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