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Carmine Church

This church can be found in the Carmine area and it is dedicated to to the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmelo, the oldest existing one. Built rather humbly it dates back to the beginning of 1600s.
Carmine Church

The churc face is very modest and is brightened up by four square pilasters, dividing the gable and round arched doorway.

The interior has been victim to successive rebuilding and demolishing of the painted ceiling representing the Madonna of the Carmine surrounded by saints.

It still has azure and gold wooden altarpiece of 1600s that holds the image of the Madonna with Child.

The bell tower dates back to 1756 and its style is more complex and elaborated following the rules of 1700’s architecture.

The form of  the structure is simple. A shaft is dormed by two square pillars that frame two rectangular windows.
At the top is the belfry built in Doric pillars that frame a round arch adn above is an entablature that holds up the curvilinear gable.


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