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Bishop’s Palace

The Riviera Cavallotti, the street in downtown Codigoro overlooking the Po di Volano, offers a stupendous view of the river.
Bishop’s Palace

By walking this street, one may reach the Bishop’s Palace, built in the 10th century for the Abbot of Pomposa, who used it as a decision-making centre for the administration of his properties. Around 1700, the use of the building was conceded to the family of Count Cestari of Chioggia, and in 1732, it was restored in Venetian style. After the second half of the 19th century, the Cestari family gave it to the Bishop of Comacchio, which explains its present name: the Bishop’s Palace. The building is now owned by Codigoro Comune, who have turned it into the "G. Bassani" Library, that houses a special collection of the Ferrarese writer’s works.


Codigoro - Riviera Cavallotti

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