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Cycling, mountain biking

The Destra Po path: amidst nature and history
The Destra Po Cycle Path has an outstanding route that follows the Great River for the last 132 km of its journey to the sea.
The Alps and the Plain: from Bolzano to Ferrara
A voyage of discovery: natural and artistic panoramas of Italy in all their riches and variety.
The two capitals of the Dukedom: from Modena to Ferrara
The dukedoms of Ferrara and Modena, united under the rule of the Este family, have for centuries shared war, peace and splendour.
Burana's great loop of water: circular route Ferrara-Bondeno-Destra Po
From the heart of the Estense city this circular route runs along important waterways into the countryside as far as Bondeno, on a safe cycleway throughout.
The Lands of the Alto Ferrarese: circular route Ferrara-Cento
This circular route unwinds to the west of Ferrara, the area known as the Alto Ferrarese...
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