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Cycling, mountain biking

From Chioggia to Ferrara and Ravenna
A route down the northern Adriatic Coast between the natural wonders of the Po Delta Park and the cultural cities of Ferrara and Ravenna, passing Chioggia, Comacchio, Cervia and Mesola.
Suspended between land and water: from Ravenna to Ferrara
Ravenna and Ferrara are brought together in one pleasing journey. These are two centres of art with UNESCO World Heritage recognition rich in unmissable details: exhibitions, museums, monuments, churches.
The Lands of the Primaro: from Ferrara to Argenta
A long journey through the heart of the ancient delta of the Po river, that goes deep into the classic countryside to the south of Ferrara.
The Lagoons of the Po Delta Park: from Argenta to Comacchio
This journey links two of the most important natural zones in the whole province of Ferrara, the freshwater lagoons of Argenta and the saltwater ones of Comacchio.
Nature reserves on two wheels: from Ostellato to Argenta
From the Anse Vallive di Ostellato the route goes alongside the reclaimed land of the Mezzano, crosses the Bando Reserve and the Anse vallive di Porto and, after the Oasi Trava, reaches Argenta and its lagoons.
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