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Street and exhibition markets


Until Sep 24, 2017

Flavours, tastes and colours from all over Europe

Multiple events

Diari di Viaggio Festival 2017

Until May 07, 2017

Take out you pencils, brushes, carnets, camera and get ready because we are back: the 5 th edition of “Diari di Viaggio Ferrara Festival” will take place at Palazzo della Racchetta in Ferrara

Street and exhibition markets

Friday Farmer’s Market

Until Dec 29, 2017

Natural fresh products from our countryside.


ART FOR ART’S SAKE. From Previati to Mentessi, from Boldini to De Pisis. A new journey for the Castello Estense

Until Jun 04, 2017

The gallery of modern masterpieces at the Castello Estense is enriched by welcoming a new itinerary with the works by Giovanni Boldini, Gaetano Previati and Giuseppe Mentessi, in addition to other artists active between the 19th and 20th centuries. A semi-permanent exhibition.


Fishes? No, thanks, we are Mammals!

Until Jun 04, 2017

A small history of the Cetaceans. A themed exhibition produced by the Museum with the collaboration of many Italian centres of research.

Guided tours

Portrait of Lucrezia Borgia

Until Dec 30, 2017

Animated plays at the Este Castle, with the mysterious Duchess

Trade fairs, expositions

Restauro 2017

Until Mar 24, 2017

Exhibition on the art of Restoration and Conservation of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage.


Street and exhibition markets

Market of Stellata

Until Dec 10, 2017

Street market with more than 200 stalls selling furniture, clothes, coins, records, books, crafts, accessories.


Folklore and festivals

Cento Carnival

Until Mar 12, 2017

A grand celebration with carnival floats up to 15 metres high and hundreds of figurants in colourful costumes


Folklore and festivals

Squid and Squill Fair

Until May 28, 2017

Food stand with tasting of local fish cooked following the ancient traditions by local fishermen

Street and exhibition markets


Cribs in Comacchio

Until Jan 31, 2017

Suggestive cribs set up in the streets and squares, under the arches of the bridges and along the canals of the historic center of Comacchio

Special for kids


Until Jun 30, 2017

A whole week dedicated to children and their families!

Multiple events

Platea Cibis

Until Aug 20, 2017

Folklore and festivals

Feast of San Cassiano

On Aug 13, 2017

Traditional Village Fair in the beautiful historic centre of Comacchio

Folklore and festivals

Hospitality Feast

On Aug 14, 2017

Every year, for longer than anyone can remember, summer is celebrated on the eve of Ferragosto

Folklore and festivals

Summer Carnival

On Aug 08, 2017

Featuring fancy dress parades starting out from Lido di Pomposa and Lido degli Scacchi

Folklore and festivals

La Notte Rosa

Until Jul 09, 2017

An evening dedicated to the female! In every corner of the Coast, from the Comacchio Lidi to Cattolica, this evening acquires another colour

Folklore and festivals

Eel Festival 2017

Until Oct 15, 2017

Festival dedicated to eel

Folklore and festivals

Comacchio: Carnival on the water

Until Feb 26, 2017

Parade of boats and masks on the streets and canals of Comacchio.

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