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Panarea 2012 - Festival of the Ferrara's bread

Panarea is a national festival dedicated to bread, pizza, piadina, pasta, bakery products, and traditional wheat-based products of Italian cuisine.

Truffle, Bread and Ferrarese Pearls Festival

Two weekends dedicated to the delicious truffle, bread and products from our area.


Cesare Tiazzi 1743-1809. A sculptor between Cento and Bologna

Cesare Tiazzi mastered clay sculpture, and he mainly worked in Cento. His works of art and education are inspired by Bolognese sculptors.


Wine and food tastings and live music.


Pomposia Imperialis Abbatia

The medieval show recalls life in the year one-thousand, the Abbey’s golden age

Visit to the bell tower

The bell tower is open to the public only on certain periods


Children's Festival: Dreaming of Boats on Parade

Boats parade through the canals

Ciclodelta della libertà

Bike tour around the Comacchio Lagoons

Ciclodelta della Libertà

Bike tour around the Comacchio Lagoons

Comacchio Beach Festival 2018

A fantastic musical entertainment show with internationally renowned artists and singers, DJ sets, fireworks and lots of fun

Comacchio Salt Pans - Slow Spring 2018

Special events in the Comacchio Salt Pans

Discover Comacchio through the senses

Guided tours and workshop realized by the students of the Comprehensive School of Comacchio

Discovering the Salina of Comacchio

Guided walking tour to discover the natural environment of the Salina

Eel festival 2018

Tastings of dishes featuring the eel and the fish of sea and lagoon, exhibition stands of typical products and crafts, music, street animation

Festa di San Cassiano

The local patron saint

Halloween in Comacchio

Magic, witchcrafs, gourmet food stalls with pumpkin-based dishes

Hospitality Feast

Every year, for longer than anyone can remember, summer is celebrated on the eve of Ferragosto

IX International Po Delta Birwatching and Nature Tourism Fair 2018

Initiatives dedicated to birdwatching and slow tourism during the International Birdwatching Fair

La Notte Rosa 2018

An evening dedicated to the female! In every corner of the Coast, from the Comacchio Lidi to Cattolica, this evening acquires another colour

Mille Miglia

Car race

Note di Settembre

Music show with famous Italian artists

Preview of Ferrara Buskers Festival

Music and entertainment in the historic centre of Comacchio

Slow Spring 2018

Weekends in the most suggestive places of the Po Delta Park, that will allow to enjoy the territory through forms of slow tourism

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