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Limited traffic zones

Ferrara's restricted traffic zones

A large part of the historic centre of Ferrara is not generally accessible to motor vehicles; only those with authorisation can cross it or park there.


The restricted traffic area ('Zona a traffico limitato' or ZTL) is divided into 5: "Garibaldi"; "Medioevale"; "Ercole I d'Este"; "Certosa"; "Monumentale";

In brief, imagining the city as divided in half along the axis of Viale Cavour-Corso Giovecca, to the south the ZTL is that bounded by the following streets: Piangipane, Ripagrande, Corso Isonzo, Vle Cavour, Corso Giovecca, De’ Romei, Savonarola, Madama, Borgovado, Carlo Mayr, Porta San Pietro, Quartieri, Baluardi, Piazza Travaglio; to the north of that same axis there are two areas of ZTL, one delimited by the following streets: Armari, Cosmè Tura, Ariosto, Biagio Rossetti, Borgo dei Leoni, Previati, Boldini, Corso Giovecca (as far as Via Armari), the second bounded by these streets: Vigne, Corso Porta Mare, Borso, Guarini, Corso Ercole I d’Este (as far as the walls).

The following areas are totally pedestrianised: the streets and open spaces around the castle and Cathedral: Piazza Castello, Piazza Repubblica, Via Garibaldi (from the crossroads with Via Boccacanale di S. Stefano), Piazzetta Municipale, piazza Cattedrale, piazza Trento e Trieste, Via San Romano, Via Mazzini, Via Adelardi, Via Canonica and Via Bersaglieri del Po.

The other pedestrianised area, in the renaissance part of the city, is Piazza Ariostea.

Visitors staying in accommodation situated in the ZTL itself can ask for a temporary pass from their hotel, which will provide all details of parking reserved or otherwise arranged for their guests.

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