Taglio della Falce - Delta Po Park

This 'cut' takes its name from a now almost vanished lagoon - in fact Valle Falce was the last area to be reclaimed in the whole country.
Taglio della Falce -  Delta Po Park

It has an area of 200 hectares and its salinity varies, because here the waters of the Sacca di Goro mix with fresh water from inland.

More than 35 species can be observed.
It is advisable to station yourself on the embankement to watch the wooded areas. The species include Herons, Garganey, Teal, Niglhtingales, Shrike and Warblers.

Information office

Tourist Information Office of Goro


How to get here

By car or bicycle: from Goro, take the road to Bosco Mesola (10 km) and then to Volano (via Vecchia Corriera); after 12 km, turn left and follow the "Taglio della Falce".
44° 39 42 N - 12° 15 27 E
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