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Slow Spring 2019 Until Jun 23, 2019
Weekends in the most suggestive places of the Po Delta Park, that will allow to enjoy the territory through forms of slow tourism
Comacchio by Night Until Aug 30, 2019
Entertainment in Comacchio
Platea Cibis Until Aug 25, 2019
Discovering the Salina of Comacchio Until Sep 13, 2019
Guided walking tour to discover the natural environment of the Salina
Cabaret Festival On Jul 25, 2019
Meeting the Sea on Lido di undiscovered environment On Aug 10, 2019
Black & White: Street dinner under the stars On Jun 19, 2019
Train excursions accompanied by Salina staff Until Aug 30, 2019
Train excursions and a "white-gold hunt" Until Aug 31, 2019
F.A.I. and Brumotti all over Italy Until Jun 23, 2019
Discovering unexplored paths On Jun 29, 2019
Comacchio by night Until Aug 30, 2019
Fashion Fitness Hairstyles On Jul 14, 2019
A Basketful of Lidi On Jul 24, 2019
Towards Saturn, Observing the Sky. Until Aug 10, 2019
Moonbike Until Aug 17, 2019
A walk and astro-yoga Until Aug 30, 2019
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