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Multiple events

Slow Spring 2021 Until Jun 20, 2021
Weekends in the most suggestive places of the Po Delta Park, that will allow to enjoy the territory through forms of slow tourism
Platea Cibis Until Aug 22, 2021
Bike tour at the Saltworks Until Jun 13, 2021
European Days of Archaeology Until Jun 20, 2021
Slow Emotion - Green Day Until Jun 13, 2021
Bike tours, boat trips, horseback excursions from the Appennines to the coast.
Celebrations dedicated to Dante Alighieri and guided tours Until Jul 25, 2021
Dog experience Until Jun 20, 2021
Dog Balance, Swim Dog, Agility, Disco Dog e Dog -Triatholn
Luca Rosetti “Leo Magic Show” On Jun 26, 2021
Comedy Magic Show
Celebrations dedicated to Dante Until Jul 25, 2021
700th anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri
Excursions in the Comacchio Salt Works - June 2021 Until Jun 29, 2021
Excursions on foot or by bicycle in the Comacchio Salt Works
Excursions in the Comacchio Salt Works - July and August 2021 Until Aug 31, 2021
Excursions by bicycle, by train and concerts in the Comacchio Salt Works
160th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy and Bicentenary of Anita Garibaldi’s Birth On Jun 26, 2021
Comacchio: Valli and Museums

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